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Today at 03:28 PM - I'm new here

Friend said I should join, so I did. Guess I'll poke around for a while and see where I'll fit in

26 Mar 2017 - BUTTS!

Here's the deal...
You give us a movie title, but replace one of the words in said title with "Butt" or "Butts".
For example:

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ---> Robin Hood: Prince of Butts

Make me proud, kids.

12 Mar 2017 - I'm back!

So, I've been gone for nearly five years or so, and I'm just posting this to say I'm back.

I had to get my life in order quite a bit. Now I'm happy for the most part, and I've returned to re-unite with my past. I believe now that I'm in a good place, I'll enjoy my time with others a lot more.

For those who don't know me, or don't remember me, well, Hello again! To those who do, It
Oh boy! Here we go again! So last time I hosted one of these it was rather fun! So this time I'm going to host a different game under the same series called Fibbage! So in this game the idea is to lie. Everyone will be given an answer and they have to come up with the best lie to go with. They can be funny, or serious. Once everybody has an answer, all of their answers will come up on the board along with the truth to the question. If you ch

08 Mar 2017 - Minecraft server

So, the community I am a part of, has decided to openly advertise our minecraft server. It's a 30 player supported server, and we only usually have about 5-10 at most. It's moderated, it's modded, we have a mod pack on ATLauncher(For those who know what that is) If anyone is interested, There will be a link below.

This includes access to a dedicated team speak3

Please note, that it is also, furry friendly(or w

07 Mar 2017 - Sunday Night XBOne

Lately, have been playing Destiny and Halo 5 with a small group of people, including Jinxy, Libby, Tanya, Jackel, and myself. We tend to start around 6 or 7, and this coming Sunday we'll try a go at Gears of War 4 multiplayer.

Anyone wanting to join the merriment, let me/us know! The more, the merrier!

01 Mar 2017 - Extended leave

I have lab work, more then I have had in ages. So, I shall need to ban myself from Rp and casual online chats cuz they distract me way too much X3
Cya all in April some time!
Alright! So for awhile I wanted to host this, just never really had the nerve- or time. But now I got both! So Quiplash, yeah. It's a pretty fun and basic party game. The game will ask two players two random questions, the answers will go head to head against each other. The rest of the players will vote on which answer is funnier, the person with the most votes win. See? Not complicated at all. To join the game, all you need is something wi

05 Feb 2017 - Hi, all.

I'm Fiona! Nice t'meet you all. I'm a dragon. :3

I've been in and out of chat sites for a while. I'm hoping this one sticks.

I look forward to meeting you all!
Gonna work out the details a little more, but I think We should get something going for a date night, just to give us something to look forwards to on that day.

Idea is to get everyone changed into a new character that's at least passably fleshed out and act as someone else that night. For those in attendance, we'll randomize the pool and then pair you off with someone else.

Genders might be an issue, but those tha

13 Jan 2017 - Gems of War

Does anyone here play Gems of War?  It's a mobile/steam game, similar to Puzzle Quest.  Match 3 style game where you either collect mana to cast spells, or directly attack your opponient.  PLay the game to unlock troops to customize your teams, and then level up the troops for even stronger attacks.

Micah and I play.  It's a fun little time waster when we're waiting to do something or just killing tim

13 Jan 2017 - SWITCH

There's a link to the presentation for the Nintendo Switch.

<.< I;m an unapologetic fangirl.  Untill recently I have had ALL nintendo systems, the walls of my bedroom are covered in Nintendo posters, 1/2 of our console games are wii/WiiU.

Anyone else excited over this?
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