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05 Jun 2016 - Overwatch!

Post here if your'e playing Overwatch!
List your name (or not if you'd rather it be private!), your Platform, and your region.
Also, post funnies plz

24 May 2016 - Discord

So from just a tiny bit of conversation I've decided to put up a Discord channel. Just in case people want a voice channel where they can talk to others on this site, I've made a Discord server.

Right now, there's only one textchannel and one voice channel, but depending on how popular it is I'll diversify a bit, give people different permissions, set up more rooms, stuff like that.

Unfortunately the invi
As some know, I'm moving back to Australia for a short time. I'll be staying on a farm property, and Internet will be unreliable, slow and often-times inaccessible.

I've spent the past few days trying to automate the site as much as I can. Basic scripts will run every day to clean up the site and try to prevent it falling over, and the site host will automatically deduct the necessary amount from FW's PayPal.

07 May 2016 - Riddles

So, just for fun, I might post up a riddle once a week. If people can solve it, then they may get something. A trophy on their profile, or a status badge on the forums or something. Bragging rights.

They'll be a mix of logic puzzles and abstract puzzles.

Also, I'll be changing wording significantly for these so people can't just Google them, but I urge you to not try anyway in case you get lucky. No one enjoy

01 May 2016 - Restarting over

To who it may consern,

Im going to be gone longer than expected training to be an infantryman in the us army i got sick, like real sick, and almost died in the hospital with phenonya and spent the last 8 weeks recovering it tore me up, and im going to continue my training over again at the beggining following my dreams and that kinda stuff so ill be back probably in late summer ill try to give nol my new address if you wana write me it

01 May 2016 - Yooooo~

Hey, buds and budettes! New to this place, figured I'd say hi and junk. Howsit doin?

So, about me. Girl, bit of a tomboy if I'm being truthy, play a dragon, lover of RP and junk. Friend's been telling me to get an F-List, so I might get on that since I do like to get freaky. Feel free to say hi, I don't bite, I just punch. ;P

22 Apr 2016 - Peace out

I am sorry everyone. Lately I haven't been dealing with my personal problems in a proper manner. Instead, I've been holding them in or taking them out on people here on the site. That is no way to treat friends or any members of this site. I want to apologize to anyone and everyone that I have done this to, namely Kor, Joncat and Latten. I do appreciate how often you guys are here for me. I am just sorry that I have been acting this way

18 Apr 2016 - Hi!

Hello, I'm kinda new to all this, I look forward to meeting everyone.

11 Apr 2016 - Commissions etc.

Thought it might be a benefit to post something up about the commissions I'm taking, and update/link my ToS here. I'll also keep my queue updated here, if possible (not sure if that would be considered spam or not).  :)

Accepting: reference sheet (chibi, simple, full, deluxe), simple one shot character, chibi characters

How to get a commission:
You can request commission

06 Apr 2016 - Off to Mexico!

I'm going on Vacation until Monday night. I'll do my best to get on when I provided the WiFi isn't shit. Sheriff Luc is in charge while I'm gone.

03 Apr 2016 - Leaving indefinitely

I will be leaving the site for personal reasons until further notice. That is all.

30 Mar 2016 - I'm Hard

Well I've been away for a while, haven't I?  No explanation for that, I just didn't really bother to show up.  Then my computer exploded and I couldn't come back.  So I bought a new one, and now here I am again.  I am saddened at the lack of a vomiting dragon face in the chat, however I'm glad to see the usual idlers in there.  I dunno if I'll be showing up every day or once in a while or wha
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