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August 21, 2014, 11:52:58 PM

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Lots of things are happening, and I just never hang around here anymore. With the FW family picture done, I'll take my leave.

Bye! Thanks for all of the fish.

Don't worry about your commission. I'll contact you privately via email if you did still have a commis

Je suis fini. It only took 8 months of bad luck, but I did it.

02 Jul 2014 - Greetings.

Hello. My name- or at least, my fursona's name- is Radoslav. This is not my real name, nor does it even sound similar to my real name. I just happen to like it.

I do not have anything else to say. Have a good day.
Its been brought to my attention (understandably) there is concern about the family picture ever being completed. The last update was a couple months ago. At the most right now I have roughly 12/30 character inked and a background blocked in. I told Azh a while ago it'd be done by May. Before t
My name is Sparky, and I am really bad with new crowds, I've been here for a couple days and I haven't really talked much because I don't know anyone/have no idea what to say. So, if you do talk to me, and I seem to either space out/disappear, please don't get upset, I just somet

17 Jun 2014 - Hi.

I'm Prenyl.
Just looking to get familiar here.

03 Jun 2014 - Minecraft Server

So as some people know, I now have a Minecraft server. It's not an FW thing, it's just a personal server, but it currently has a 33 person capacity and anyone who would like to play on it from FW is welcome. Before I go into details as to what the server is running, please observe the foll
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