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So later on today I'll be leaving FW for a wile, the place I'm going to is going to help out with some job training, there are computers there But I don't know If their p.c and internet will let me get on this site, So just in case I can't talk to anyone here Add me on Skype and OR ask for my number.

when you add my number please tell me your user name (or a name I know you by or some other way that I can ID you.) s

11 Jan 2016 - Chat Channels

So, now that we've managed to get things sorted on the performance side, the chat is running smoothly. Earlier today, we had ~30 people in there and not an issue was to be found.

With the capability to have more people, I thought I might open up a discussion to see if people would like to have some input on chat channels. Right now, it's pretty barren since people normally hang out in just one or another.

And if p

04 Jan 2016 - To who ever

I wasn't really going to say anything...but that is a cowards way.  Any way.  My birthday is tomorrow, so a gift to myself is take off from the sight for a while.  I have found out that i barely pay attention to the room, and to those i actually talk to..i have you on Skype or yahoo.  I don't know when i will return. Maybe i will..maybe i won't.  -shrugs- We shall see.

Good luck to everyone and t

04 Jan 2016 - This Old Server

So, FW has been on the same server for three quarters of a decade now. There were plans to move to a new server, but some technical and managerial details have obstructed that progress.

The short version is that neither host wants to communicate with the other, regardless what I do, so transferring data across is a nightmare. I'd have to wait until I had godly upload speeds to accomplish that in a period where the data wouldn

31 Dec 2015 - Shipping off

To who it may concern.
In a couple months im shipping off to basic, im going in the army national guard as an infantryman and will be fone for about four months so if i poof thats what happened to me.

25 Dec 2015 - Bids g-bye

This isn't the kind of 'Adult Site' I am looking for.

Be Well.

15 Dec 2015 - Computer broked. :/

Just noting I won't be around much. My faithful computer has kicked the bucket and am only able to use my tablet for web, which works however is challenging at times.

Point being if you need to contact me or just wanna say hi, or maybe even rp outside of forum (hopefully I'll have time enough to get an forum rp going), you can reach me on Skype: Cheshire.Cat1313

Thanks for understanding. Happy days.

04 Dec 2015 - Persistent World RP

So, as it was brought up in this thread, I thought I'd take another jab at it. The old files I'd planned on using are on my PC, which is currently in component form in a box, in my suitcase. So I'm starting over.

What I've got so far is a rudimentary map. It just shows the fundamental landmass of the world. http://i.imgur.com/TMnJw84.png

I think this thread was started awhile ago, but I figured here's a spot to post our 3DS friend codes and/or any games we have that we're looking for other players on.

Code: 5472 7501 9786

Games: TriForce heros, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X

04 Nov 2015 - Teamspeak Server

So one of the nice things about the new server I'm working on is that, in addition to having plenty of room for the site to run on and expand with, it also gives me unrestricted access to everything. So I can install things like Teamspeak. This means that we can have a zero-cost server running which is under my control. No third-party fuckery.

If you'd like to join the Teamspeak server, just point your client to

03 Nov 2015 - FW Migration

As some of you might have noticed, the site has started to have some issues, especially in the chat. Every now and then, the chat will seize up and the site will go offline for however long. During this time, there is honestly nothing I can do to resolve the issue as I can't access the admin tools required.

The cause of the issue is simple; it's the chat. I've known that the chat is a very heavy-duty program for the ser
So, I'll finally do one of these.

Herro, I'm Lattenmon, a runt version of a Renamon. Link to reference image here. F-list is here, too

Outside, Lattenmon may appear to be slightly shorter than an average Renamon, which would be fitting for being a runt
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