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So it's been a problem for a while, for anyone who has been on the forums recently, and I've been working to find a fix that doesn't break registrations or just let bots walk through.

I believe I've found one that should cut down on the amount of spam traffic we've been getting. This post is simply for vi

14 Mar 2015 - Name's Vlad

Hey folks,
 My name is Vlad One Eye, because well I only gots one eye. I am an old white tiger from Russia. I'm kind of short but hey who cares it's what's inside that counts. I'm happy go lucky and I like to laugh, though I can be a bit sarcastic.

Hi yall!
So with the move complete I find myself without proper internet, just my phone with a limited data plan that for some reason refuses to sign me into Skype but allows other messaging apps like Yahoo work. So I'll be in and out a lot while I figure things out and wonder where I am in terms of future life plans and the current status of my relationship, since I can't seem to get any response what so ever.

22 Feb 2015 - Hai...again.

So, as some have noticed i'm back-ish. Not that I ever really left, I was just not active.

Hello guys, i'm Stakie for those who do not know me. I guess I posted this just to say hello and that I am going to try and be a bit more active.

07 Feb 2015 - No FW Game night tonight

Sorry i have to cancel, but personal issues have come up and im not gonna have the right energy/attitude for it. It will resume next week as usual though

15 Jan 2015 - Going travelling

Hey yo peeps!

So I'm planning to go travelling this summer. To america, for a month. Plan is to visit someone, so I probably won't be going around america visiting everyone who lives there and also frequents this site :P

But this is an announcement place so I thought I'd announce my travel!

Feel free to ask me anything you want about the trip and I'll do my best to respond ^^
So, a long time ago, back when FW was first starting out, we used to give things away. We'd set up competition rules and we'd get a decent turn-out. Gave away a Nintendo DS, Sony stereo system, some games, bunch of stuff. The games we'd run were things like, "Write a short story with these elements."

Those days are gone, though, and through these times, people are lazier than ever. That said, I'm still wi

12 Jan 2015 - Hello there, DDW here.

Hello there, My name is DarkDragonWolf, or call me DDWolf or DDW for short. I enjoy RPing and meeting new friends, But beware. I do rather short and to the point posts for RPing so please dont do high expectations for me, But Ill try my best to do a good RP.

I am adaptive, but I have a few dislikes as well. Just get to know me and such for my own things.

07 Jan 2015 - Que Dragoon .wav Files

I have returned!

26 Dec 2014 - Happy Holidays~!

Hope everyone was treated well this holiday... I'ma just.. leave this here.

14 Dec 2014 - Hi

I'm Silver, a black and red wolf dragon that gets depressed very and too easily. I'll edit this when I'm not depressed.
the same as "rate the avatar above you" but this time rate the signiture of the person above you

rate: 10/10 then leave a reason that explains your rating
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