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Gosh, I never know what to put in these things. Well, I guess I could start from the begining. For the past few years, I've been a part of some furry groups on facebook, but I always shyed away from them because I didn't have a fursona or well, I couldnt pin down what I wanted it to be. But recently I've decided that if I joined a forum or something in the furry community, I might be able to force a name or face to this idea that&#

20 Aug 2015 - Hellos! New mew ;3

Hey everyfur. Pardon my cheesy title, I just couldn't help myself. ;D I'm Kipsy, I signed up once for this site before, but I never could get the activation code to go through to the email I used. So I decided to make a new account and attempt it once more. This time it worked out for me. Yay! (: I'm looking to meet new people and to find some furry forum site that I can call my home as well.

19 Aug 2015 - Leaving again

http://www.soundsofthewind.com/ Is my blog. Warning, there's audio, but you can mute it.

It's not finished, I've run out of time so I won't be able to finish it until I arrive in BC. Anyway, super early departure in the morning so short post.

17 Aug 2015 - Teambuilding

So, I saw this on face book and rather liked the idea. 

Build a team using 1 marvel character, 1 DC character,  1 game character, 1 anime character.

My choices are:
Anime: Lina Inverse- she's a powerful arcane caster with enough knowledge of magic to create new spells as well as utilize the most powerful spells of her world.  She's also a brilliant strategist.  Though she can be hot temper

06 Aug 2015 - I am Lex :3

I am Lex! I am kobold. I am nice to meet you ^^ (ignore the more basic form of communication, the player is more than capable of forming complex sentence structure and higher levels of thought. I choose to make his speech quite simple to reflect more on his being a kobold, a creature not known for its articulation of speech)

30 Jul 2015 - Goodbye

Skype: Natannis
Email: natannis13@gmail.com
Update 7/13/2015
I'm so tired of getting jerked around like this, and continually being told "we'll get you out of the trailer tomorrow, we'll get you out tomorrow" it's pretty stressful because we've been living out of this trailer for...over three weeks now?

So pretty much we've been told that the person that's living where we were supposed to be moving into paid for another w

11 Jul 2015 - GamerTags

Aloha!~ as you all may know i use my Play Station 3 and Xbox360 for enternet useage mostly it's on here or any other websites that I have joined in the past years, but also I like to play my games so if anyone with these two systems can add me anytime all I ask is that you tell me who you are from this site if you do add me please....

Play Station 3 GamerTag: ZeroKoanamy
Xbox 360 GamerTag: ILoveRabbits88


29 Jun 2015 - Animal Crossing

In excitement over the new Animal Crossings coming out later this year I picked up a copy of New Leaf.  WEll, I have apples and a fairly sad looking town right now.  Anyone else have a copy and don't mind giving a poor mouse a hand making it look better?

29 Jun 2015 - Goodbye for now.

A few of you prbably know, I'm moving soon, and part of that means getting rid of our modem/tv boxes, this means I'll be gone till I move into the new place with it's wifi, which will be at least a couple of weeks, it'll be hard . . . but I think I can make it through. So, farewell for now.
Yeh I'm back guys. Hello.
I've been busy a lot with studies, friends, and saving and planning my us trip.
I'll try to be more active on the forum this time, instead of just lurking in the chat.
Looking forward to talking to you all again ^^
Payments are now being accepted.

Please read all of this before responding.

After discussing it with a number of people outside of the other forum thread, it seems like this is going to happen one way or another. As with last year, this is going to be a matter of first come, first served. The people who voted in the first th
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