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29 Jun 2015 - Animal Crossing

In excitement over the new Animal Crossings coming out later this year I picked up a copy of New Leaf.  WEll, I have apples and a fairly sad looking town right now.  Anyone else have a copy and don't mind giving a poor mouse a hand making it look better?

29 Jun 2015 - Goodbye for now.

A few of you prbably know, I'm moving soon, and part of that means getting rid of our modem/tv boxes, this means I'll be gone till I move into the new place with it's wifi, which will be at least a couple of weeks, it'll be hard . . . but I think I can make it through. So, farewell for now.
Yeh I'm back guys. Hello.
I've been busy a lot with studies, friends, and saving and planning my us trip.
I'll try to be more active on the forum this time, instead of just lurking in the chat.
Looking forward to talking to you all again ^^
Please read all of this before responding.

After discussing it with a number of people outside of the other forum thread, it seems like this is going to happen one way or another. As with last year, this is going to be a matter of first come, first served. The people who voted in the first thread have been added, as have a number of others who I've discussed this with outside of the

06 Jun 2015 - Hey Shay

Hey guys, my name is Shay! I'm one of those artist folks, I suppose. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and say hello. I haven't had much opportunity to see people in the community, but I'm from FA.

I wanted to greet you guys because I'll be working on this years FW family photo if enough people are interested. I understand a lot of people were left with a bad taste in their mouth after the last family
Okay, without mincing words, the last pic we got was shit. I think all but maybe five of the people in that pic were dissatisfied with the quality of work we got for that kind of investment. Ideally, I believe that we'd all like to avoid an overpriced and under-developed pic that went over the time budget by about eight months.

With that said, I'll understand if people are a bit tentative with parting with their shekels and p
Woo, so that was exciting. This time around I'll be heading through the states because it's faster. Anyone in Washington, Montanna, North Dakota, Minnesota, (maybe michigan) Wisconsion, Indianna, Ohio, and Pensylvania then let me know. If you're not too far offroute I might stop by.

If you're interested PM me the address of where you'd like to meet (coffee shop or something). Or post it here if you don't c
So as you've probably seen in chat, I was looking for a van so I could live a bit more nomadically. Well, I finally found one and I leave this afternoon. Due to the nature of living in a van and the lack of convenient wifi I expect that I will not be around too much for the foreseeable future. I'm sure I'll still pop in from time to time but, in the end, I have no idea what my immediate future holds.

Later, bitches.
Guests, if you experience problems registering, please email me at admin@furry-within.com

So it's been a problem for a while, for anyone who has been on the forums recently, and I've been working to find a fix that doesn't break registrations or just let bots walk through.

I believe I've found one that should cut down on the amount of spam traffic we've been getting. This post is simply for vi

14 Mar 2015 - Name's Vlad

Hey folks,
 My name is Vlad One Eye, because well I only gots one eye. I am an old white tiger from Russia. I'm kind of short but hey who cares it's what's inside that counts. I'm happy go lucky and I like to laugh, though I can be a bit sarcastic.

Hi yall!
So with the move complete I find myself without proper internet, just my phone with a limited data plan that for some reason refuses to sign me into Skype but allows other messaging apps like Yahoo work. So I'll be in and out a lot while I figure things out and wonder where I am in terms of future life plans and the current status of my relationship, since I can't seem to get any response what so ever.

22 Feb 2015 - Hai...again.

So, as some have noticed i'm back-ish. Not that I ever really left, I was just not active.

Hello guys, i'm Stakie for those who do not know me. I guess I posted this just to say hello and that I am going to try and be a bit more active.
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