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So as you've probably seen in chat, I was looking for a van so I could live a bit more nomadically. Well, I finally found one and I leave this afternoon. Due to the nature of living in a van and the lack of convenient wifi I expect that I will not be around too much for the foreseeable future. I'm sure I'll still pop in from time to time but, in the end, I have no idea what my immediate future holds.

Later, bitches.
Guests, if you experience problems registering, please email me at admin@furry-within.com

So it's been a problem for a while, for anyone who has been on the forums recently, and I've been working to find a fix that doesn't break registrations or just let bots walk through.

I believe I've found one that should cut down on the amount of spam traffic we've been getting. This post is simply for vi

14 Mar 2015 - Name's Vlad

Hey folks,
 My name is Vlad One Eye, because well I only gots one eye. I am an old white tiger from Russia. I'm kind of short but hey who cares it's what's inside that counts. I'm happy go lucky and I like to laugh, though I can be a bit sarcastic.

Hi yall!
So with the move complete I find myself without proper internet, just my phone with a limited data plan that for some reason refuses to sign me into Skype but allows other messaging apps like Yahoo work. So I'll be in and out a lot while I figure things out and wonder where I am in terms of future life plans and the current status of my relationship, since I can't seem to get any response what so ever.

22 Feb 2015 - Hai...again.

So, as some have noticed i'm back-ish. Not that I ever really left, I was just not active.

Hello guys, i'm Stakie for those who do not know me. I guess I posted this just to say hello and that I am going to try and be a bit more active.

07 Feb 2015 - No FW Game night tonight

Sorry i have to cancel, but personal issues have come up and im not gonna have the right energy/attitude for it. It will resume next week as usual though

15 Jan 2015 - Going travelling

Hey yo peeps!

So I'm planning to go travelling this summer. To america, for a month. Plan is to visit someone, so I probably won't be going around america visiting everyone who lives there and also frequents this site :P

But this is an announcement place so I thought I'd announce my travel!

Feel free to ask me anything you want about the trip and I'll do my best to respond ^^
So, a long time ago, back when FW was first starting out, we used to give things away. We'd set up competition rules and we'd get a decent turn-out. Gave away a Nintendo DS, Sony stereo system, some games, bunch of stuff. The games we'd run were things like, "Write a short story with these elements."

Those days are gone, though, and through these times, people are lazier than ever. That said, I'm still wi

12 Jan 2015 - Hello there, DDW here.

Hello there, My name is DarkDragonWolf, or call me DDWolf or DDW for short. I enjoy RPing and meeting new friends, But beware. I do rather short and to the point posts for RPing so please dont do high expectations for me, But Ill try my best to do a good RP.

I am adaptive, but I have a few dislikes as well. Just get to know me and such for my own things.

07 Jan 2015 - Que Dragoon .wav Files

I have returned!

26 Dec 2014 - Happy Holidays~!

Hope everyone was treated well this holiday... I'ma just.. leave this here.

14 Dec 2014 - Hi

I'm Silver, a black and red wolf dragon that gets depressed very and too easily. I'll edit this when I'm not depressed.
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