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14 Mar 2014 - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Sorry sorry, I haven't shown up around in a while.

Not that anyone cares.

I have, however, been working on a personal project of mine! I recently wrote a kid's book for my niece for her birthday, and have been trying to promote it on Kickstarter and social med

Walking back home is always something to look forward to at the end of my pathetic workload of class Mondays and Wednesdays. I usually walk pretty briskly, head low, hurrying to my dilapidated apartment thats just about as empty as my mind is during these little walks. Every once in a while I

05 Jan 2014 - Hi!

Hi! So, now is the time for my introducion.

I found this site while browsing a specific wiki site and decided to join in. I'm actually pretty new to the community side of furry, but I've known furry for a long time and just recently got more interested in it. What I like to do i

03 Jan 2014 - The Dragon Eaters

I've been away from Furry Within for some time now working on projects to pursue a career as an author. I've just finished editing and revisions on the first book and have gotten it published, so I thought it would be a good time to pop back and let people know where I've been as well

28 Dec 2013 - New "pup" on the block.

Ok then. I am the new guy. Thus the term "pup" in the subject matter. I am not a pup. Actually I am quite old at this forum stuff. Been there, done that, and the good stuff there. Don't let the name fool you. I am not really all that spooky. Stumble across the site sometime back and j

28 Dec 2013 - I am sorry. v.v

To all of you that seem to hate me for whatever reason. I am sorry. I guess I am just a failure at everything I do. I didn't mean to upset anyone, but it seems, all I do is make people mad. v.v I am sorry.

24 Dec 2013 - Broken and confused

Where does one even begin to pick up the pieces after they completely shatter on the ground before you?  For four years I've kept my relationship with my mate afloat. I was always there, from their depression that slipped into near suicidal tendencies to just staying up all night with them
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