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Okay, so some complications came up for me, and I ended up running late. By the time I arrived, we didn't have enough people to proceed. As such, we are attempting a reschedule.

I've added day options for next week. Please check a day only if you are actually interested in attending this event. Please check the day that best works for you.

For the story I plan to run, we need seven people. There is an additi
So I'll start off by saying I might make this into a weekly thing every Sunday before my xbox event, if people want me to and seem interested enough that is.

Here we are again, another weekend, another party event! I got to say I really am enjoying on hosting these. The crowd of people that flock to these events are really enjoyable. This weekend I will be focusing on the drawing game, Drawful. It's similar to pictionary. The
Coming up next week, from the 26th until the 29th, Overwatch is running a free weekend for their anniversary. I was thinking, maybe we could run a group to just fuck around with.

There's no sign-up required for this, just jump into the FW Discord chat at around 5 PM Central or so on Friday and Satuday (Sunday may happen, but I might not be there for it), and we can get you set up.
Hey guys. I'm really interested in getting a new base to work with for commissions, and just fun things for friends. However, I haven't got the dosh at the moment. So I thought maybe offering you guys some hard labor in exchange for the funds might help us all.

So I'm offering five spots for $12 each (alternately, could do a bit less, if we get 10 people, for $6 each; or a combination of the two). You'll get a full

15 May 2017 - Future Events

Okay, following the Truth or Dare event, activity has really picked up. Thank you guys for that. This is absolutely the result we wanted! Keep it up.  8)
[Also, make sure to leave feedback about that event here]

Coming up, remember that the Whodunnit is planned for next Saturday!

12 May 2017 - I heard she died

She looks good for being dead
The title says it all...explain a movie plot. Poorly. See if others can guess it.

For example:
"Notorious shut-in tries to murder his guests in ironic ways based on their character flaws, ends up giving his home away to the one he couldn't."

09 May 2017 - Whodunnit!

“Nobody owns life, but anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death.”
― William S. Burroughs

Who will own death on this night?


Where: The chat only. User must be logged in to participate.
When: May 20th at 5PM EST. This will last at least two hours, and may stretch to four depending on mult

09 May 2017 - ToD Event

This is the sign up thread for the Truth or Dare event. There will be some elements of spin the bottle (such as with who we choose, and using kissing as consequences for not completing dares), but in order to keep things interesting, we're going to focus on Truth or Dare for now.

This will start at 6PM EST on May 13th. If you show up a little late, or have to leave early, that's okay. But if you can be there at the sta

09 May 2017 - Mystery Egg Raffle

By the grace of the lovely Bones, we've got an interesting little offer for you fine folk. Behold, the Mystery Egg Raffle. This is a giveaway that Bones is providing art for, so that you can score yourself some new characters to RP with.

The rules are simple, the prizes are pretty swanky, and much like a well-used fox, entry couldn't
Recently, it's come to attention that some users may not know about our site's Twitter account. You can find that here: https://twitter.com/FurryWithin

In addition to that, we now also have an Instagram account, which can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/furry.within/

The Instagram is new, and as such, we need some involvement from you all! We'd like to post up artwork created by users here, or of the
It's been awhile since I've done this and a couple people have come to me asking me to do it again. So here I am! This time, we get to choose between two games, oh boy! Between Fibbage and Quip Lash. I have hosted Quip Lash before, it was a fun time. Fibbage got canceled due to not enough people being interested, however I would like to give it a shot again. So, time to explain the games!

Both of them don't require every
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