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I think this thread was started awhile ago, but I figured here's a spot to post our 3DS friend codes and/or any games we have that we're looking for other players on.

Code: 5472 7501 9786

Games: TriForce heros, Mario Kart 7, Pokemon X

04 Nov 2015 - Teamspeak Server

So one of the nice things about the new server I'm working on is that, in addition to having plenty of room for the site to run on and expand with, it also gives me unrestricted access to everything. So I can install things like Teamspeak. This means that we can have a zero-cost server running which is under my control. No third-party fuckery.

If you'd like to join the Teamspeak server, just point your client to

03 Nov 2015 - FW Migration

As some of you might have noticed, the site has started to have some issues, especially in the chat. Every now and then, the chat will seize up and the site will go offline for however long. During this time, there is honestly nothing I can do to resolve the issue as I can't access the admin tools required.

The cause of the issue is simple; it's the chat. I've known that the chat is a very heavy-duty program for the ser
So, I'll finally do one of these.

Herro, I'm Lattenmon, a runt version of a Renamon. Link to reference image here. F-list is here, too

Outside, Lattenmon may appear to be slightly shorter than an average Renamon, which would be fitting for being a runt
Hi, I'm Zragraaz, pronounced Zraw-grawz, and I'm new to the community. I'm half hyena and half tiger. A friend asked me to make, so I did shut him up about it. I might find out to like this community, but it'll take awhile. In my spare time, I either watch youtube videos, play my 3DS or play my Xbox 360. I'm not sure what else to add here.
Hi, I'm Shining Angel, but you can call me Angel. I'm a half Dragon, half Angel. And well that's kinda all I've got figured out, I thought I'd figure out the rest as I went. Other then my horrible attempt at a fursona, I play Yu-Gi-Oh and I have my own Yu-Gi-Oh team (even if its just a band of misfits), I do alot of creative writing, and play alot of video games (mostly JRPGs) in my spare time. I haven't really been

05 Sep 2015 - hey all

Im taking my leave from the furry community for good.

I love you all. ♡

20 Aug 2015 - Hellos! New mew ;3

Hey everyfur. Pardon my cheesy title, I just couldn't help myself. ;D I'm Kipsy, I signed up once for this site before, but I never could get the activation code to go through to the email I used. So I decided to make a new account and attempt it once more. This time it worked out for me. Yay! (: I'm looking to meet new people and to find some furry forum site that I can call my home as well.

19 Aug 2015 - Leaving again

http://www.soundsofthewind.com/ Is my blog. Warning, there's audio, but you can mute it.

It's not finished, I've run out of time so I won't be able to finish it until I arrive in BC. Anyway, super early departure in the morning so short post.

17 Aug 2015 - Teambuilding

So, I saw this on face book and rather liked the idea. 

Build a team using 1 marvel character, 1 DC character,  1 game character, 1 anime character.

My choices are:
Anime: Lina Inverse- she's a powerful arcane caster with enough knowledge of magic to create new spells as well as utilize the most powerful spells of her world.  She's also a brilliant strategist.  Though she can be hot temper

06 Aug 2015 - I am Lex :3

I am Lex! I am kobold. I am nice to meet you ^^ (ignore the more basic form of communication, the player is more than capable of forming complex sentence structure and higher levels of thought. I choose to make his speech quite simple to reflect more on his being a kobold, a creature not known for its articulation of speech)

30 Jul 2015 - Goodbye

Skype: Natannis
Email: natannis13@gmail.com
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