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23 Jul 2014 - Sorry guys, bye

I really liked being around while it lasted, but I guess I have to go.

Drop your Skype if you'd like to stay in contact.

02 Jul 2014 - Greetings.

Hello. My name- or at least, my fursona's name- is Radoslav. This is not my real name, nor does it even sound similar to my real name. I just happen to like it.

I do not have anything else to say. Have a good day.
Its been brought to my attention (understandably) there is concern about the family picture ever being completed. The last update was a couple months ago. At the most right now I have roughly 12/30 character inked and a background blocked in. I told Azh a while ago it'd be done by May. Before t
My name is Sparky, and I am really bad with new crowds, I've been here for a couple days and I haven't really talked much because I don't know anyone/have no idea what to say. So, if you do talk to me, and I seem to either space out/disappear, please don't get upset, I just somet

17 Jun 2014 - Hi.

I'm Prenyl.
Just looking to get familiar here.

03 Jun 2014 - Minecraft Server

So as some people know, I now have a Minecraft server. It's not an FW thing, it's just a personal server, but it currently has a 33 person capacity and anyone who would like to play on it from FW is welcome. Before I go into details as to what the server is running, please observe the foll

14 Mar 2014 - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Sorry sorry, I haven't shown up around in a while.

Not that anyone cares.

I have, however, been working on a personal project of mine! I recently wrote a kid's book for my niece for her birthday, and have been trying to promote it on Kickstarter and social med
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