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              What is the naked eye 3D display device?

              Shenzhen Shikun Electronics Co., Ltd. Hits:2779 Publication time:2018-05-30 SML
              In recent years, naked eye 3D technology is becoming more and more perfect, naked eye 3D display products are also beginning to appear in daily life, such as some large museums, shopping malls, airports, stations can see the application of naked eye 3D display, bring different visual experience.So what is naked eye 3D monitor? Below, the HAOD`s technician will introduce it to you.

              The naked eye 3D display, also known as the stereoscopic display, is a display with the characteristics of parallax, without any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D glasses, helmet, etc.).

              The main technical principle of the current naked eye 3D display is columnar lens technology.

              The principle of the cylindrical lens is to add a columnar lens to the front of the panel so that the image plane is located on the focal plane of the lens, so that the pixels under each column lens are divided into several sub pixels, and each sub pixel can be projected in different directions.So the human eye can feel 3D images when viewed from different angles.The technology has high brightness, strong contrast and minimal 3D crosstalk. The display effect is clear and the three-dimensional sense is strong.

              The naked eye 3D display is based on the ordinary display, and has applied the columnar lens technology, so that it has the characteristic naked eye 3D display function.Compared with the ordinary display, the stereoscopic images produced by the naked eye 3D display have a strong shock of visual impact, which can impress people and have better visual experience.

              The naked eye 3D display is the trend of the future display industry. It can be applied to many commercial terminal display devices such as advertising machine, TV, game machine and so on. It has a broad market and development prospect.

              Shenzhen Shikun Industrial Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen world Kun Electronics Co., Ltd.) is committed to 2D and naked eye 3D commercial display products research and development, production, sales, service, with 12 years of LCD equipment manufacturing experience, the company has a number of technical R & D patents, and the world's leading "multi view naked eye 3D imaging" and other technologies, It has strong technological R & D capability, advanced manufacturing capability, complete industrial chain and content integration platform. Is the world's strongest technology, the most comprehensive industrial chain 2D and naked eye 3D display device production base.

              With its unique naked eye 3D display technology and terminal display application technology, the company makes full use of naked eye 3D LCD technology with unique high clarity, seamless viewing, screen effect, no shadow, no dizzy, and can tailor all kinds of naked eye 3D products for customers, all kinds of naked eye 3D display solutions, and naked eye 3D products Image and video design, appearance design and finished product processing.
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