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              Landing holography

              Title180 degree landing holography

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              180 degree landing holography

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              Product introduction>> HAOD   


              Holographic phantom imaging system is a semi aerial imaging system that suspends three-dimensional images in the actual scene of the cabinet. The holographic phantom imaging system consists of the cabinet, the optical splitter and the video playback equipment. Based on the principle of the spectroscope imaging, the special processing of the three-dimensional model is built by the real beat of the product. Then the image of the product or the 3D model image of the product is superimposed into the scene, and the dynamic and static product display system is formed. Do not need people to wear any polarizing glasses, in the complete without shackles can enjoy the 3D illusion stereoscopic display effects, the visual impact, with a strong sense of depth.


              Attractive and effective: strong visual effects, easier to attract customers' eyeballs, and achieve unforgettable results.
              Differentiated marketing can help to enhance brand and product quality and achieve differentiated marketing.
              Vision is good: the images suspended in the air are sometimes close to us, giving people the feeling of reaching out.
              The image is strong in three dimensions: sometimes it brings people's vision to the distant sky.


              The function of the card circulation is to convert the holographic video into MP4, MPG and other formats to import U disk or SD card, and plug it on the machine, which can be circularly played or remotely selected.
              Network version function: convert the holographic video into MP4, WMV and other formats, and send the program to the machine by server.
              Computer interactive version: tablet or touch display and holographic devices are combined with software to achieve the selective interactive display effect of customers.

              Customized:180 degree landing holography

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