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Today at 02:54 AM - To who it may concern

Im leaveing, been haveing a rough time, dont wana drag it into the chat
Dont know when im comeing back,
Probably wont be long since i got nowhere to go anyways :/
So, here we go. The first of what will hopefully be a weekly get-together for us all. The chat will be transformed into a Roman bath house for one night only, and it'll be no-holds-barred.

Togas are optional.

14 Oct 2016 - i am me, nobody else...

well i guess they say the third time is the charm, ive left this place twice now and came back thrice, lets hope this time sticks, certain events in my life have kinda opened me up to other furries and i really want to make furiends, so like i say on every other forum i play around on, im an open book and im always willing to answer those who truly care to learn and want to get to know me
I've got to take some time apart, to try to work on myself for a while.

I will be around on skype, but I need to get myself to a better place, I think, before I start coming around again.

27 Sep 2016 - An Empty Bat Cave

When I think back on how every time someone would ask me, what do I do here if I don't really roleplay or whatever, I would answer with because I just like being here.

I don't have friends, I don't talk to anyone that's not my own family.

Some you might miss me, most of you probably won't, but I'll miss every one of you.

I'm sure some of you might even rejoice, and I'll miss

13 Jul 2016 - Street Fighter 5

A thread for all things Street Fighter 5!
Discuss your favorite characters, ask for and give advice, post sick combos.

Who else is excited about EVO?
It's great to see old man Daigo and PR Balrog back in the mix, I'm hoping 'Rog makes it to top 8.

13 Jul 2016 - Dead By Daylight?

Hey everyone,

Just a quick topic to ask if anyone else plays Dead By Daylight? I'd love to get a few games in if possible as I feel it's something that needs some love.

For those of you aren't in the know, Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical horror multiplayer game in teams of 5. One person plays as a killer and t
So, I put this mod into place quite a while ago, and it sees a very small amount of attention. Libby and I plan on using it just for pet projects, but after I submitted something to it, I realised that, while it isn't a terrible system, it's a bit convoluted at times. So here's a walkthrough for how to get a story on the site.

Step 1: Hover your mouse over the Fanfics button and select "My Fa

10 Jul 2016 - Marching home

Hey guys its timber i have good news! I passed my last PT test (pysical training) shot expert with ny m4a1 carbine (36 out of 40 targets) and im going to graduate basic training and "turn blue" on August 5th  ill be a United States Infantryman! Its been a long march but i made it, just a few more weeks and ill be back. I cant wait to see you guys again, ill be on today though since its my last day of leave
Hey guys, I probably should have posted a journal on this a while ago but I've been rather slow to learn the site.

I'm an arctic marbled foxy who loves to and hang out and give hugs. ^^
Hello everyone!     
     I have finally returned back to a furry chat! I was known as "Wolfie" back when Yiffy.tk was around. A lot of people may not remember me but that is fine! I'm hoping that people are welcoming and no issues happen any time soon (or at all). If anyone would like to chat either see me in the chatting area on here or leave me a message or something. It's been a very long tim

05 Jun 2016 - Overwatch!

Post here if your'e playing Overwatch!
List your name (or not if you'd rather it be private!), your Platform, and your region.
Also, post funnies plz
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