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Author Topic: The Asylum (Constantly Being Updated)  (Read 189 times)

Offline Micah Weil

The Asylum (Constantly Being Updated)
« on: May 26, 2017, 05:56:17 PM »
Micah Weil
"The Sorcerer"
33, Male
Raccoon/Wolf (70/30%)
5'11", 200 lbs, a bit pudgy
Bisexual, preference shifting like the pendulum in a grandfather clock swings.
Preferred Time Periods: None.

-12 years practice in sorcery of all sorts. Capable of marvelous feats of magic, but tends to stick to simple teleportation and self-metamorphosis spells. Full capabilities unknown at this time.
-5 years of performing "culinary abortions" (which means he cooks, and sometimes screws with the recipes "because it sounds tasty")
-A way with words. He can come off charming without even trying. He also rather hates this fact.

-Tends to be a bit arrogant. Sorcery is a hell of a drug, kids.
-Tends to be flighty. Sorcery is REALLY a hell of a drug, and destroys attention spans.
-Kinda anti-social. See below.

-Touch Play. This is the result one of his favorite magical accidents. In particular, his neck and back are sensitive to things like nibbles, bites, and fingers dragging along them.
-Sensory Deprivation. Blinding and deafening him (be it with blindfolds and earplugs, or temporary magic) is one of his favorite things. He claims it makes everything feel better, but sometimes, he likes to feel helpless.
-Sibling Incest. "Well...I am kinda hot as a chick..." He ain't lyin'.


Micah's earliest memories were of being in a "pet" shop in a now fallen nation known as Rhy'din. He is certain that there is more to his history before that, seeing as he was a teenager when he was in the pens, but cannot dredge up those memories for the life of him. He was soon adopted by a wolf named Crashland (see below) and lived with him through his many adventures. It wasn't long before he stopped being a "pet", and became a companion, and then an equal with him.

Around his early twenties, he was introduced to crystal-based magic (that is, magic performed with the aid of various types of crystals), which soon led to him diving head first into the study of magic. His earliest spell creations often went awry; he tried to create a spell that would drop anvils on people that he disliked, for example, and the results were small enough to fit into Barbie's dream smithy. Perseverance, however, would lead to mastery, and then boredom. He has the power, but he doesn't like to use it.

These days, he spends a lot of his time bouncing from place to place, time period to time period. He tends to be a bit of an observer, adhering to the whole "don't mess with the past" thing. Only in what he calls "isolated pockets" will he interact with those he comes across. Unfortunately, that has left him distant from most people, if not a little socially awkward. It makes interaction...difficult to say the least.
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Offline Micah Weil

Re: The Asylum (Constantly Being Updated)
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2017, 06:22:37 PM »
Ki'Taye Weil
"The Punk"
33, Female
Raccoon/Wolf (75/25%)
5'9", 150 lbs, curvy
Bisexual, just like her brother
Preferred Time Periods: "Punk" periods (steampunk, diesel punk, deco punk, cyberpunk, etc)

-Skilled mechanic. She's really good with her fingers, and capable of building period appropriate devices and gadgets. While she is not capable of BUILDING vehicles or giant machines, she is capable of repairing and maintaining them. In futuristic settings, she also has skill when it comes to computer programming and defense.
-Touch sensitivity. Due to her time (it's a hobby, really) building all sorts of tiny devices and working with components big and small, her sense of touch is severely enhanced. This helps her do her job, and it also helps with more...personal interactions. As such, she knows how to touch people just right...and is more than happy to be touched.

-Extremely curious. There is knowledge out there, and if she finds something that piques her interest, she'll prod it until she learns what she can.
-Short temper. She tends to get grumpy and combative if her curiosity cannot be sated, or people annoy her. Her penchant for building devices makes this...dangerous.

Unlike her brother, who tends to be pretty vanilla, she does have quite a few.
-Sibling Incest. As if I haven't made it patently clear, the coons like to bone.
-Exhibitionist. She's...a different type of show-off to her brother.
-Immobilization. She loves being tied up and having her movements restricted.
-Touch play. Usually plays into the immobilization. Her body is extremely sensitive, and she loves being teased as such.


Sorcery can be a bitch. One tiny, insignificant screw up, and reality can be torn asunder, creating anomalies that change the whole dynamic of the world, the universe, and life in general. Micah, however, chose to name her Ki'Taye.

Ki'Taye's existence comes from one of Micah's experiments gone "bad". A mispronunciation caused the universe to "hiccup". He was soon staring at himself, only with a set of B-cups. It was interesting, as he also had a series of memories to go along with it - ones that matched hers.

The pair did a little research into the matter and, for all intents and purposes, it was determined that his error had plucked an alternate version of himself from elsewhere and deposited her there. As reality abhors a vacuum, a history was created for her that they both knew was wrong, yet right at the same time.

As most of those memories were pleasant, they decided not to correct the error. The pair have been partners in mischief ever since.
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The one, the original, the raccoon.
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Offline Micah Weil

Re: The Asylum (Constantly Being Updated)
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2017, 07:11:29 PM »
"The Original Mercenary"
41, Male
Gray Wolf
5'10", 225 lbs, kinda built
Straight, not narrow
Preferred Time Periods: Battletech-esque and Steampunk, but still flexible.
Micah's original, old fursona (from back in the mid-90s, early 2000s).

Battletech Period:
-Mercenary. Mech pilot for hire. Mech: Customized Mad Cat, "Bulldog".
-Gun training. Can use, can clean, can customize. Doesn't like to talk shop.
-Hand-to-hand. Can throw a punch as good as the rest of them.
-Accounting. "...what? Shit's expensive and I don't want to blow it all on worthless tech."

Steampunk Period:
-Mercenary. Owner of the airship "Star of Infinity". Crystal-powered core, two forward-mounted Gatling guns with a 135 degree motion range, two side mounted black gunpowder cannons on each side, one rear-mounted Gatling gun with a 180 degree motion range. Crew of 50, capacity of 100 heads and 100 tonnes cargo space. Currently under contract with Micah Weil and the Teal Scientific Society.
-Lesser Gun Training. Limited to flintlock pistols, but damned if he isn't good at it.
-Improved Hand-to-Hand. Much better than his mech pilot self at throwing a punch. Can also grapple, throw, and pin a whole hell of a lot better.

-Wolf senses. "Makes it a lot easier to know when I'm bleeding."
-Focused. When a problem appears, he can focus on it. Boosts his ability to solve it.

-Getting older. He's starting to show his age. His stamina is starting to fail, certain drives are shot, and he'd rather kick back and relax than fight.
-Oblivious. When focused, he has a hard time paying attention to other things around him.
-Crystal sculpting. Quarts is clay in his hands, and he is able to create a number of detailed statuettes.

-Vanilla. Not really all that sexual a character, for that matter. Missed it by a couple of decades, I guess.


Crashland was originally an outlander, raised in the way of his tribe. While he was originally given a name, it was lost to his nickname, Crashland, due to his inability to keep any vehicle given to him from crashing. When asked why he's decent at them now, he simply shrugs and responds with "I was too short to reach the pedals or the wheel", implying that he was started out young.

When he came of age, as many of his tribe did, he separated and traveled, eventually coming to the chaotic city-state of Rhy'din. He spent a number of years within their guilds, sparring with all manner of weirdos, and eventually coming into contact with a young raccoon whom he named Micah. With a travelling companion, he decided to leave the nation (right before it met the fiery wrath of AOL's moderator team) and traveled.

On one of their travels, they encountered an enigmatic, alien race in a series of underground tunnels that taught them the ways of magic using crystals. While Micah took to it quite easily, the only thing that Crashland was able to get a grip on was planeswalking. Using this capability, he established a home base pocket dimension with Micah and the two agreed to use that as a meeting place to speak of their travels before parting ways.

While he does like to hop around, there are two universes that he has become fond of. The first is Valen, a world where Victorian aesthetic and steam technology have merged with a similar magic to the aliens. Happening upon Micah there as well, they helped to establish the Teal Scientific Society to study these crystals. While Micah handles the study side, Crashland handles the application side, as evidenced by the airship that was built.

The other is an alternate Battletech universe (Mechwarrior if you are unfamiliar with that term), where he serves as a mercenary. His mech, a customized Mad Cat mech designed for close combat, has served him well for numerous years. Quite often, he can be trusted to take contracts that champion his ideals (particularly, freedom). When not contracted while in the universe, he can be found hanging around bars and having a laugh with his fellow pilots.
The one, the original, the raccoon.
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Offline Micah Weil

Re: The Asylum (Constantly Being Updated)
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2017, 01:27:56 AM »
"The Strange Hero"
29 (adjusted for gnoll life span), Male, technically Barbarian 5
Gnoll (think Dire Hyena Man)
7'4, 310 lbs, kinda muscly, but not as much as one would expect on a gnoll.
Oblivious and open to new ideas. Still a virgin.
Preferred Time Periods: Swords and Sorcery, Decopunk

-Strong. Quite the beefy bastard and able to lift far more than most people. Helpful when using a large battle axe and/or twin beer steins as weapons
-Optimistic. He can always find a silver lining, especially given his situation.
-Kind-hearted. DEFINITELY not something you would find in a gnoll (typically chaotic evil)

-Reputation: Among non-gnoll races, he has the reputation of being a friggin' gnoll! They're not well liked, even after he's saved their asses and offered a hand in friendship. Most of the time, he is NOT accepted among others of his kind, as he disagreed with his pack matriarch by placing his axe firmly between her eyes. As such, there is a standing bounty among his former tribe for his return for justice (i.e. painful death).
-Innocent/Oblivious: He doesn't understand a whole lot ("what's a hyena? I'm a gnoll!") and innuendo tends to fly over his head. Once it's explained to him, he kinda gets it...

-Canid senses: Improved sense of smell.
-Fluffy: Since he left his tribe, he's been bathing. It makes his normally coarse fur kinda fluffy.

-None. He's a virgin. Who will be the first?


Yaris' life started as any gnoll's, as a pup in a nomadic tribe. He was raised as gnolls are wont to, learning the brutality and viciousness of his race. He excelled, and his strength grew. He was on track to become one of their best warriors, up until his first raid with the pack.

Though not of age to actually attack (he was there to move loot), he was allowed to witness the attack. The violence was not what bothered him; he was used to that from growing up gnoll. It was the screaming. The agony was not something his pack had taught him (they loved the pain), and there was plenty of it to witness of it. Upon his return to the rest of the tribe, he confronted the matriarch and asked her to explain. Her answer only angered him, and the discussion quickly turned to blows. In the end, he got his hands on her personal weapon, a large axe, and split her skull down the front.

He'll admit that was not a fun week, and that leg day is hell. At least he kept the axe for protection.

With this new knowledge, he hung out on the fringes of society, watching the other races and learning. He did not like what he saw. Bandits, warlords...all sorts of brutality and callousness directed every which way. He was about to resign himself to hermitude when he saw the heroes. A merchant and his crew had been waylaid by bandits, only to be saved by a group of adventurers. It fascinated him. He followed the group and, when he saw the opportunity, approached them. A few tense minutes of diplomacy later, he would get his explanation.

He would dedicate himself to being a hero shortly thereafter, despite the fact that nobody would trust a gnoll.
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Re: The Asylum (Constantly Being Updated)
« Reply #4 on: June 10, 2017, 11:27:27 PM »
Tuk Grackletooth
"The Merchant"
24 (adjusted for Kobold life span), Female
2'6", 30 lbs, skinny
"Sex? What sex? Raga, what sex?"
Preferred Time Periods: Tuk is like the Ferengi: she'll show up wherever there's a profit to be made.

-Enduring: Tuk can take a lot, both physically and mentally. Some swear she has a will of mithril and a body of adamantium. In reality, she's just the ultimate optimist and knows how to throw herself with a blow so she doesn't take too much damage.
-Scavenger: Since nobody is going to sanely wholesale to a kobold, most of Tuk's wares are salvaged and scavenged from various places.
-Adorable: For a kobold, anyway. Probably has to do with her attitude and friendliness.

-Chatterbox: "Tuk like talk! Talk about stuff for sale! Tuk talk about how Tuk Dragonkin! Tuk talk and talk!" Tuk also has a...loose grasp on common languages.
-Oblivious: "Why everyone scared? They have swords. Tuk can't make sale. Why...why Raga bash head on cart?" She's not very aware of dangerous situations. Euphemisms go right over her head (then again, so do most things during a bar fight)

Kobold Senses: Can see in the dark, is short, has some ability to mine, and make and set traps.


Tuk was one of two kobolds in her clutch of eggs, out of four clutches for that season. Like most kobolds, she grew up in their ways, learning to mine, make traps, and otherwise protect her clan. The problem was, she was never really good at it. Mine collapses were not an uncommon event around her, and traps either failed completely or worked way too well. It didn't bother her, as she went through her early days with a smile and cheer.

Also kinda uncommon for kobolds.

It wasn't until she watched some goblin traders in her clan's den that she thought she found her calling. She insisted with the clan's leadership that she should be allowed to take some of their mined metals to go trade with local settlements. Despite being told no, she did it anyway, sneaking out some iron ore to go trade with a human settlement. The ensuing raid did not compromise the den, it did cost a few lives.

It was swiftly agreed that she was too much of a danger to remain, especially if she was going to insist on doing this (and by the gods, she was). As such, she was told to go and make money for the clan, not returning until she had made a specified (obscene) amount of gold. She was sent with one of her clutch mates, Raga, who is serving as her bodyguard until she is killed (which they're betting on), or she actually makes the money (which all but one doubt she will).
The one, the original, the raccoon.
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Offline Micah Weil

Re: The Asylum (Constantly Being Updated)
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2017, 12:44:55 AM »
Raga Grackletooth
"The Spirit Speaker"
24 (adjusted for Kobold life span), Male, technically Spirit Shaman 6
Preferred Time Periods: Wherever Tuk is.

Spirit Speaker: Raga has a spirit companion, a snake that (when it decides to show itself to others) likes to remained curled around his staff or on his shoulder. It has a weird sense of humor and, as of meeting that young human child, prefers to be called "Snek". This, naturally, drives Raga up a wall.
Heightened Senses: As he is Tuk's bodyguard, and genuinely does care for her, he's honed his ability to spot and hear trouble. This makes it easy for him to get them out of severe trouble.

Grumpy: He tends to have a foul mood. This isn't to say that he isn't social - he can be as social as Tuk sometimes - but due to circumstances, he tends to be in an ill mood.
Arrogant: He took a bit better to his kobold nature than Tuk did. He tends to be wary of other races.
Tuk: "DAMMIT TUK! You're going to get us kil-NO! Do NOT offer to sell the bandits better weapons! NO! TUK, THEY ARE TRYING TO...oh for fuck's sake..."

Kobold Senses: Can see in the dark, mining, trapmaking


Raga was born the same season as Tuk from one of the other clutches. He was a unique one, as it was discovered he did have connections to the supernatural world even from a young age. His clan's sages, after teaching him, discovered that he was blessed with the ability to see into and commune with the spirit world.

It was an ability that afforded him some luxury. He did learn his people's ways, but he was held in higher regard because of his abilities. He was often prodded about the spirit world and the various topics that came with it. It was fine, though, as he had acquired a spirit companion to help answer those questions. Life for Raga was good.

...until he found out his clutch mate was being exiled from the clan.

He had enjoyed a great childhood with Tuk, and considered her a friend despite her failings. He was a bit loyal to her because of it, and when he found out she was being exiled under the guise of being sent to make her fortune for the clan, he insisted he escort her. With the threat of him pulling their connection to the spirit world, the elders relented and allowed him to go with her, until either she died or she made the money they demanded.

While she drives him nuts, he hasn't regretted that decision.
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