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Furry-Within.com RulesRegistration AgreementFurry-Within Chat GuideEnd of Time Club Description
1 - Furry-Within.com User Agreement and Terms of Use

     By registering on Furry-Within.com, you are bound by the rules listed on this page, and agree with the User Registration Agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, please leave the site immediately. Any questions you have can be answered by an administrator by email at admin@furry-within.com.

2 - Requirements of Age

     Furry-Within.com is an adult site, and by registering you agree that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age. Furry-Within.com’s server is located in the U.S. and is bound by the laws of that country.

Furry-Within.com staff reserve the right to request proof of age on the spot at any point in time. These checks may occur without any prior notice, however a notification is usually delivered via email and in-site personal message. Users serviced with a request of proof of age are given 48 hours to provide adequate photo identification (A current driver’s license, a current passport, a current citizen ID card) with the date of birth clearly visible and a photo of themselves holding it.

[If you are under the age of 18, you will be banned until you can provide adequate photo identification in the manner described above.]

3 - Forum Content

     There is no subject too taboo here. You may discuss whichever you like. However, threads and galleries which contain adult content must be labelled to contain as such, either in the thread title or at the top of the first post. RP threads in the adult roleplay second must contain the same labelling, briefly describing the content of their posts which others may find offensive. (Incest, rape, tentacles, blood, etc.) This is to provide more efficient indexing of the site, and to divert those who do not wish to view such content.

[Warnings, thread deletions, or incremental bans starting at one day. Bans for spamming pornographic content.]

4 - English Usage

     Furry-Within.com is an English speaking community, and as such you are required to speak English in public at all times. With that in mind, the following exceptions apply:

  • Expressions that have become common in the English language, such as cest la vie, et cetera, and so on.
  • In-character use. Characters are permitted to speak other languages provided it is relevant to the character.
  • Private messages. You may communicate in any manner you wish in private messages.

In public, you are asked to use proper English and correct grammar. Nobody is a flawless master of the language, however it is expected of you, as an adult, that you have some understanding of it. Netspeak/d00dspeak/leetspeak is unacceptable, and will receive only one warning to cease using it. An occasional “lol” or “brb” is permissible.

If a user corrects your grammar, do not lash out at them. Take the advice and move on. If you do not wish to be corrected, improve your grammar.

[Users will receive warnings asking to improve poor grammar usage. Repeat offences are suspendable. Excessively bad offences are bannable]

6 - Linking

     Users are welcome to post links to websites outside of Furry-Within.com in the Links Board. Spam will be deleted on-site and your IP will be banned permanently.

[Spamming or abusing the links section will result in a permanent ban.]

7 - Users’ Information

     User contact information is provided for social and roleplay purposes only. Any user identified to be abusing this information or sending unsolicited messages to users will receive a permanent ban.

[Abusing other users is a bannable offence.]

8 - Off-Site Issues and Drama

     Amongst the furry community, drama is accepted as normal. However, excessive drama, such as bemoaning one’s situation, trolling, attention whoring and whining to get your way are unacceptable. Staff will intervene in situations where they see fit, and will resolve matters themselves if they see fit to.

Furthermore, bringing off-site issues onto the site is not permissible. Furry-Within.com is aimed at being as much of a drama-free community as possible. Act like the adults you claim to be by registering.

[Suspendable, repeat offences bannable.]

9 - Behaviour

As you registered as an adult, you are expected to behave as one. Acting immature, flaming other users, or just generally being moronic will end up with you being banned.

Trolling will not be tolerated.

[Suspendable, bannable]

10 - User Accounts

     Users are permitted to have a maximum of five accounts on the Furry-Within.com. Upon being asked by a staff member, users are required to tell staff which accounts are theirs.

Bringing your alternate accounts into an argument is a breach of rule 8 - Off-Site Issues and Drama, and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

[Suspendable, bannable.]

11 - Access by Banned Users

     This is illegal.

Furry-Within.com, and all other addresses under this domain, are private property. Accessing Furry-Within.com while currently banned or suspended, through proxies, alternate accounts etc,  is trespassing. This is a crime and we will press charges, turn logs over to authorities, contact ISPs etc.

If you are not in the state which the server is located, this becomes a federal offence. If you are outside of the US, where the server is located, this becomes an international offence.

Electronic trespassing is just as serious as physical trespassing and can incur the same punishments, which vary from being blacklisted by almost every known ISP, fines and criminal damages being brought against you, or even jail time. Particularly if your trespassing was malicious.

Attempts to evade the staff in order to rejoin Furry-Within.com under a different name will fail. We have ways and tools to find your accounts.

If you feel that your ban or suspension was harsh or unfair, you will be given the option to appeal in your initial ban/suspension notification email. There is no guarantee it will succeed, as all bans and suspensions are agreed upon by a majority vote by all staff present after all the facts available have been gathered.


12 - User Impersonation

     Impersonating users, especially administrators,  is, quite simply, not allowed. You will be banned instantly and permanently for breach of this rule.

[Bannable, without appeal.]

13 - Administration and Moderation

     No one staff member makes all the decisions in regards to actions made against those who have breached the rules. As mentioned in rule 9, cases are viewed by the entire moderation team, and the facts and users involved, once properly reviewed, are taken into consideration before a decision is made. Staff will attempt to resolve a case within a 48 hour period, in which time users involved may be suspended without prior notice.

Staff reserve the right to suspend your account, or accounts, indefinitely with no prior notice if they feel you have been acting in a malicious manner.

All bans and suspensions, with exception to rule 12 - Impersonation, can be appealed to by sending an email to admin@furry-within.com.

Staff on Furry-Within.com are only doing their job, and their decisions are not based on personal motives. In cases where staff have a personal stake, they are taken out of the decision-making process.

Do no flame or abuse the staff. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.


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