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Author Topic: The Battle of Weihr (All Welcome to Join)  (Read 358 times)

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The Battle of Weihr (All Welcome to Join)
« on: May 28, 2017, 01:04:40 AM »
The Coalition of Independent Systems
Weihr Star System, Sector 192
In Orbit of Weihria Prime
Day One of Hell...

"And with this mighty resolve, we can assure the security and safety for not only our own nation, but for those around us that have been bullied for too long by The Collective! For the greater good, for the love of Unity and all of our peoples, we now... MARCH TO WAR!" shouted the Grand Chancellor on a national broadcast of the state on all bands and media sources. Of course, this broadcast was being played on the viewscreen of the TDN Odin II, a battleship of the same class, and the successor to the famous battleship Odin, which had been lost during the Ojo-Draconis United Uprising on Earth against The Unseen Trinity and all governments of the world.

"Surprisingly, we are practically RIGHT THERE on the doorstep..." muttered Tod as he slowly slumped back in his command chair, the rank of Commander clear as day on his uniform as he listened further, the Fennec-Tiger hybrid had seen a lot of things in his life, but never in his days had he ever thought he would be going into a full-scale war between two states... this was an utter nightmare in itself, but he was at least familiar with what had to be done, and then some.

The bridge of the ship was abuzz with activity as people of every shape, size, species and lord knows what else went about their business, their uniforms the same as far as design went, black and white designed jumpsuits, with the accordance armband to their section on their right arm. The Odin wasn't necessarily alone in these patrol patterns however, they had five other ships in their company as well, one of which was a new superdreadnought that honestly looked just as terrifying as its name suggested: Reaper.

"All clear on this section, let's move on to-" the Ensign at Navigation stopped short as his screen lit up with several warnings. "ENEMY FORCES INCOMING!"

Alarms then began to sound off as the alert came a touch too late as two enemy battlegroups dropped hard out of jump, around 120 ships in total of varying class and size, as well as design, but it was clear where they had all come from: The Collective.

"Open a channel to these ple-" Tod stopped short as he heard the chirp of a channel being opened with his ship FIRST! More than likely to the others as well. "...open"

A holographic sillouette of a Kemodo Dragon Anthro now stood in front of him, a grizzly looking female as she seethed slightly toward the presence of the Hybrid. The uniform of The Collective being one that wasn't certainly subtle when it came to honest usage, no no, this was a LOUD presentation as decorations and other various things were seen all over the female's form. It almost reminded Tod a bit of a World War One German Officers uniform, in a sense.

"Greetings, scum of the Galaxy" growled the female in pure disamusement as she stared toward Tod in particular. "I suppose you know why we are here, correct... seems your uppity little shit of a Chancellor has opened her mouth a touch too wide, and now, we're here to make sure she CHOKES on those hurtful words she said about our beloved King. Prepare yourselves, as we have you outmanned, outgunned, and if you do win this first fight, we have more of our kind on the way... in greater and far superior numbers"

"You call US scum?" asked Tod with a perk of a brow. "I dare not think what your "King" has been smoking or drinking, but he clearly has gone shit in the head with the way he has clearly brainwashed your entire species set as a whole, my dear..." he said in a snide tone of voice, knowing it probably wasn't the best approach to something like this, but it seemed that the door had been blown off of its hinges already, so why not try and kick it down the street? "If you want a fight? Bring it on..."

"As you wish, Hybrid..." growled the Dragon in annoyance, before the channel went dead, followed by several shots from Laser cannons hitting their ships shields. Were they really that stupid?

Tod laughed slightly and quickly stood up from his command chair, watching the flecks of energy just bounce off of his ships shields. "Tanio, tell the Reaper to shove a SMAC-N class up their ass... I wanna see what those big guns of hers can do to such a pathetic excuse for a battlegroup."

"Relaying now sir!" chirped Tanio, a Kangaroo-Fennec hybrid as she began to tap away on the console in front of her. "Sending relayed orders now, and also sending out a wide-band distress signal. This should be quite the show, huh?!"

"Indeed it should..." said Tod, wincing a bit as the second barrage of attacks nailed his ship harder, actually making the structure of the ship shake a touch from the hits. Plasma too? Really?

The battlegroup of CIS ships soon took locking targets with their weapons systems, guns charging and priming themselves as the massive 4500mm main cannons of the Reaper herself slowly rose up out of the superstructure of the ship, the massive turrets turning toward a random ship in a very slow manner.

The Odin II, Reaper, Vladisov, Mossbranch, and Whiteflame were the keen players in this fight... for the moment, but it was honestly unclear who would join this brouhaha, and on which side too.

The Reaper's main cannons soon opened fire on the flagship of the second fleet, the first round slamming hard into their shields, the second and third rounds splitting the massive 4.5 kilometer long warship clean in half, the core of the ship going critical and exploding much like a Supernova would, taking two of her escort frigates with it.

Too easy? Or was this just the beginning of the end?


(All are welcome to join and participate on whichever side you wish to join, this battle could honestly go either way, and I am not giving away the ending either, you'll just have to make that pendulum swing the direction you think is going to happen! x3)
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Re: The Battle of Weihr (All Welcome to Join)
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 03:31:08 AM »
Space, Filled with endless blackness and not a sound to bother him. Floating through nothingness, His ship on minimum power. It was just as he liked it, Cold and silent reminding him that in the end This was all there was.
 Only the thin steel of his ship prolonged his life, As if saying at any moment something anything could end him. This only made him reflect on what he had done, what worth he brought to his life's and the lives of All those he knew. His reverie interrupted as alarms and lights went on.
 An emergency message was being broadcasted in his sector.  Flipping a switch the panther silenced the alarm. putting the message in text display only. It simply read:
  This is Whiteflame of The Coalition of Independent Systems, We are currently under attack from the The Fraki Collective, requesting any and immediate aid in our vicinity, repeat

 The panther itched his chin in his tiny cramped ship. If you could call it that. It was more like a battle suit that resembled a ship really. Purely built for battle. His kind was known for war and favored by many. However the pure breeds of his kind enjoyed the freedom of the The Greysword Alliance.
   Here there was a chance of profit, Perhaps a chance for a worthy fight. He had a total of 20 Ark class fighters under his wing, Devastating against other fighters, and more dangerous towards even larger ships.
  "Open hailing frequency, respond to The White Flame. Message as fallows. This Is Fang Commander Kuriyami of The Greysword Alliance, responding to emergency hail.  We can be on sight in 10 parasects, In return for our aide. We demand 10 tons of food and medical supplies as well as re-imbursement for any ammo and weapons used as well as repairs. Respond immediately. End message, run voice over software".
  The computer chirped as it processed the response. The panther flipped a few switches powering up  his ship. The panther slipped on his helmet as he simply waited. Turning on his coms.
 "This is fang commander to all unit. Power up boys..and be on stand by. It's time to earn your pay".
  He waited for the response, The amount he asked was just a little unreasonable. But hey, A fur had to take advantage of every opportunity.
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