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I've been thinking about doing a League of Legends tournament. So this post is to gauge interest in something like this. It would be purely for fun and bragging rights, though if it goes well, we could see about there being rewards or prizes. I would create a bracket, and we would play through the bracket. If there's enough interest both from those experienced, and new to the game, then we could run two separate brackets so no one feels like they don't have a chance at all.

Games would take place on the Howling Fjord map, and win conditions would be first tower down, first kill, or first to 100 CS.

Answer the poll, and feel free to add any input about the event here or suggest other games that we could try this kind of thing on!

Excellent idea!

I'd be willing to try.

Now, I know damn well more than two people play this fucking game. What the hell. D:

I'm in


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