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 GREETINGS DENIZENS OF THE SITE! We are making a Minecraft Server for the perusal of the site's members at large. We're all welcome, and it's going to be running a well rounded modpack, FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10. You can get the Feed the Beast stuff from what used to be Curse, and is now Twitch's desktop app. Yeah, I know, but it's online marketing at its finest. That said, the server staying running is dependent on people playing on it. Join us and run about like a doof to keep it going, stay away as though the very pixel based ground is lava if you're just not into it. For those willing to join, the address is The server address is

Edit: Updated FTB modpack name. To ensure it's the correct version, please select the install indicated in this image. If you can't get it to work, bug Azh or Libby for help.

I'd actually love to get in on this, however I'm currently unable to despite my interest.

We've changed which modpack we're using due to strain on the server. We've switched to Direwolf20's FTB pack. Details are in the original post.

We should have night turned on on the server so we can collect items that only drop from mobs easier.

Micah Weil:
Any chance of looking into a Starbound server? :3


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