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So, after watching a youtuber I like steaming Jackbox 3, I thought those party games would be fun to run with this crazy group of people!  But I wanted to gauge interest before we picked them up.

For anyone who doesn't know, they are party games, like trivia or word games (Think blank cards in CAH).  The game host must own the game, but everyone else can play via browser or smartphone.

The main one I was thinking of playing was Quip-lash.

Tanya's done a couple rounds of these sort of games. If the timing's right, I'd be down to give it a go.

What Libby said. I used to do these, I stopped doing it due to lack of interested. I had more people coming in from other sites then this site. Towards the end it was just Luc and Amari showing interest. Amari has left us so having one person looking forward to weekly Jackbox games doesn't keep me motivated enough.

It wouldn't be weekly, well, maybe but not a set in stone date nad time...Right now, and untill like Aug. 8th my schedule is all crazy right now.  But yeah, if we even jsut get a few people interested it would be fine.


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