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Author Topic: Time is a funny thing when you're immortal (Closed)  (Read 111 times)

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Time is a funny thing when you're immortal (Closed)
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:14:57 AM »
The sound of the engines firing up was like the roar of some ancient dragon.  Blue flames blasting out from the back of the sleek looking space craft.  The smell of burning fuel burnt at the woman's nose as she watched the single pilot fighter class craft rocket away.  Her body turned to face several shakey and obviously green soldiers.  Sapphire blue orbs glancing across each one slowly staring almost through them with those ancient eyes. 

Kristine was wearing full on military gear.  Black kevlar fibers woven into a mesh body armor that hugged her body and strange metal plated armor that went over for heavy support.  The armor itself carried small energy generators in the wrist brace and along the back to protect from energy projection weapons, while the metal itself took the brunt of impact weapons.  The bio linked armor carried several outside functions as well, offering assisted aiming through the holographic HUD when the visor was active.  It could also link with military satellites where available for instant information sharing.  Each armor could be outfitted for additional items as well depending on the persons role. 

Right now, Kristine just took a deep breath.  Her long silver hair falling back as she shook her head.  The recruits were getting worse and worse.  The draft must have started.  Pushing her hands behind her back she walked a line, pacing before them.  "Welcome to the United Earth Federal Government Military."  She would start the standard speech, its what the people watching liked to see.  She knew that.. from the many times over and over...


A child stared as people ran about with sticks in their hands.  Young boys swinging the wooden weapons wildly back and forth.  Loud cracks filled the courtyard as well as cries of pain and hard WHACKS, as some of the children missed a block on an incoming swing.  The pale white girl though stood on the edge of it all.  She was six now, and her studies seemed to bore her far more then watching the fake battle going on before her.  Tall men in chain mail walked back and forth, sometimes criticizing the stances or the failure to block or a sloppy assault.  They were the knight captains of this templar order. 

Kristine took a deep breath, her feet moving to take a stance as she watched and tried to mimic some of the better boys.  It wasn't like she disliked the studies of the head priest of this temple.  Yet she seemed to have trouble staying focused on that.  Instead she was always drawn here, to this courtyard. 

A small deep laugh made her turn towards the man.  Head Priest Aldain smiling at the girl.  "Come now, you know that there are no women warriors little one.  You need to learn the lessons to become a priestess."

Kristine seemed to stare for a moment before her lips tightened.  "I don't think that is for me."  She spoke, glancing back at the tall men in armor.  "I don't belong behind walls."  She spoke very matter of factly.

The man smiled, though there seemed to be a look of something else on his face.  "You are correct about that I would wager.  Though my heart says the world will not be kind to you."  He stepped up closer and put his hand on her shoulder.  "Come, you know the knights will not accept training you."

Kristine looked back at the priest and then folded her arms.  "One day, I will prove I'm better then those boys.  Then they will not have a choice."  Once again her words spoken very matter of factly.


(This will be an experiment in non linear story connections.  I hope the jump between fantasy, modern, and future won't be too confusing in future posts.)



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