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H-hello~. My name's Milla, ...Milla Basset! I just joined today, and thought I would introduce myself, even though I can be quite shy at times~... ^///^

I play lots of games, but my favourite is Freedom Planet. That's how I got my username! ^w^

Alongside games, I also love to listen to (and collect) music, watch cartoons/anime, write stuff, learn stuff, aaaand sleep. =u=

I think that's all I have to say for now? I look forward to hanging out and getting to know you all~! :D

Hi there.  Welcome and keep your paws off my coffee.

Nice to see some activity here.  Sadly the forums are more or less dead.  There's plenty of people in the Discord chat though.  Just check out this handy link.

Aw, that's a shame about the forums... ;_;

I can look into checking out the Discord channel soon though, for sure!

Hey! Welcome to our little ghost town. Nice to meet ya!


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