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Author Topic: Qaja in a nutshell.  (Read 1856 times)

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Qaja in a nutshell.
« on: September 12, 2010, 11:57:01 PM »
Or several, based on your view.

Name: Qaja Kebauet
Player: QBKebauet
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Q, Toothcat, Speartooth, Kitty
Race: Panthera tigris tigris
Class: Genius
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 23
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (1.70m)
Weight: 150 pounds (68kg)
Hair: Brown, thigh length
Eyes: Blue
Handedness: Right
Scars: None
Personality: Laid-Back, as in the only way to anger him is either presenting a doctor to him or trying to kill him.
Mannerisms: He's got several quirks, namely blinking and perking his right eyebrow when confused or merely questioning something. He also has a propensity to chuckle often, as well as fidget his legs about.
Likes: Almost everything under the sun, with the exception of a few things.
Dislikes: Heat, cold, doctors, salisbury steak. Other things he has to be reminded of, as he doesn't often think of the things he hates unless they are presented to him.
History and Statistics

Name: Qaja (Qa'a) Badru Kebauet
Title: Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät Qaja Badru Kebauet, durch die Gnade des Ra, Neue deutsche Kaiser und Großadmiral von Ohio, Großherzog von Norwegen, Graf von Ägypten, Ausgewählt von Sachmet, Sohn des Anubis, Geliebte des Thot, da Weisheit, Ehre, Mut, Kraft und Gesundheit, für immer.
Age: 23 (DOB 27JUN1987)
Species: Bengal Tiger
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Political Affiliation: Left
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Organization Affiliation: New German Empire - Emperor
Rank: Grand Admiral, New German People's Navy
Nationality: German/Egyptian
Ethnicity: German
Occupation: Emperor, Grand Admiral, Ice Hockey Player.
Languages Spoken: English, German, Icelandic.
Personality: Gentle more often than not, but clearly dominant. Just don't make him angry, or you run the possibility of dying most horrendously.

Background Information: Little is known of Qaja's history by the masses, though the few that know him well enough are fully aware of his hardships. Born to a German father and Egyptian mother, Qaja was the first and only surviving child. His father was a politician, while his mother was a foreign ambassador, leaving young Qaja amidst maids for most of his first three years. Weeks after his third birthday, the young tiger's family was snaked away from him by three equine rebels who didn't see eye to eye with his father's political viewpoint. Effectively abandoned, the young cub took off, not looking back to what would later become the site of his castle.

Living as a feral child didn't come easy for the lavishly spoiled young Qaja. From ages four to seven, he lived on a meal a week, luckily finding the water required for survival. A week or so shy of his eighth birthday, he acquired the virus mononucleosis, sending his physical condition spiraling out of his control...It is here that he had a fever of 108°F, which damaged his brain and left him without a sense of smell. Taking two months to fully recover, the tiger then went back to "business as usual", learning to use his eyesight more than anything else.

The next few years were spent in relatively similar terms to ages four through seven, though there were no serious illnesses or anything of the sort. At age twelve, he finally started to pick up on German, as he ventured closer and closer to civilization, though he never trusted his speaking skills enough to go and become part of society.

Having grown into a somewhat scrawny teenager, the King-to-be finally gets his hands on the English language, becoming bilingual and gaining the confidence he needed to go forth into civilization. There was only one problem…Now 17, he hadn't worn clothes in twelve years, and he only had a meager amount of money to his name. Luckily for him, that meager amount was enough to grab two outfits, though he chose to remain barefoot, as he liked to feel the ground beneath him.

Exactly one year after the purchase of the clothing that would set him into a civilized state of mind, the tiger found himself in a uniform for one of his good friends' military forces…And not just as a grunt. Because of his great knowledge of survival skills and his quick progression through weapons training, Qaja found himself starting off as a Lieutenant, though he made the rank of Colonel in less than a year. One quick switch to the naval service later, he was well on his way to becoming a Grand Admiral, having attained the rank of Commodore.

Now fast forward to age 19, his friend, General Rev Nolan, lies on his deathbed and leaves the reigns to the "Fer-admiral", who quickly proceeded to rename the nation…Though he of course got Nolan's permission before doing so. Now named the "Neue Deutsche Kaiserreich", the panel of wise men Qaja set up to help mentor him quickly give him the nod to be Emperor, crowning him as such less than three days after Rev's passing. The first decree by the newly crowned Emperor: August 17th is Independence Day and the 20th is Coronation Day, both national holidays.

Little happened to the Emperor over the following three years that is noteworthy, aside from a couple failed relationships and the establishment of his castle on the family's old home site, leaving Qaja to be right back where he started so many years ago: Living the lavish life, though he never forgets his route to such a way of life.

Relationships: Many friends and friends with benefits, but no mate…Though he desires to have one.
Pets: Twitchy, Hoku.

Weapons: Normally carries a H&K UMP .45 with three magazines and a M9 with tactical knife. Sometimes the UMP is switched out with an ACR.
Abilities: Very few on any magic scale, though his physical capabilities far outclass most of the folks he's met in his 23 years. He can also "sense" when folks get within about 20 feet of him from behind.
Equipment: Aside from the weapons, he carries very little. Knee braces a must, any other items are optional.
Properties: Castle Grounds, 19 Admirals Way, Berlin-Columbus 82234; Summer Home, Unregistered Location.
Vehicles: 1993 Chevrolet Lumina Z34, Black. 1992 Jaguar XJ220, Black. 2010 Chevrolet Lumina SS, White.
Strengths: Fast, agile, brilliantly intelligent. He's able to think fast on his feet and is hardly rattled.
Weaknesses: No sense of smell, and his knees are a weak point.
Methods of death: Luck if one thinks to shoot him, though he's prone to lapses in attention…He is still a "kid", after all.

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Seine Kaiserliche und Königliche Majestät Qaja Badru Kebauet, durch die Gnade des Ra, Neue deutsche Kaiser und Großadmiral von Ohio, Großherzog von Norwegen, Graf von Ägypten, Ausgewählt von Sachmet, Sohn des Anubis, Geliebte des Thot, da Weisheit, Ehre, Mut, Kraft und Gesundheit, für immer.



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