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Author Topic: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)  (Read 3887 times)

Offline Arashi_kuriyami

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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #15 on: March 18, 2011, 07:19:35 AM »
User name: Arashi Kuriyami

Roleplaying Skill Level:
 Advanced in Description of motion and or combat
 Above Average when it comes to yiffing
 Decent at holding a character to character conversation
Other Notes:
      Grammar could use a little work, As well as my vocabulary as well. There are times when I get stuck in my post's not sure where to go. I prefer to play a support character rather than a main character. I find my post are easier if I am not the main subject at hand, Tend to use run on sentences. Often times I will get carried away with describing a scene or action. Often times I will have trouble visualizing other peoples action's and mis-post because of it. I tend to play a skill based character,my preference is to use skills and hard work rather then cheap and simple magic. I prefer my characters to really less on technology as well. The less the better. I try to keep a minimum of at least a paragraph to 6 sentences. Though if you caught my interest Sometimes i will write more.
   When starting a role play i try and describe the scene to the best of my ability giving a sense of time and a feel of where we are role playing.
Preferred Genres:
 High Fantasy
 Dark Fantasy
 Medieval Asian

Preferred type of play: 
    Really It doesn't matter, As long as its kept organized and Nothing gets to crazy (AKA: I'm playing in medieval times and suddenly a space ship lands and i got a lazer gun pointed to my face.) Rolling dice is fun too, I find the randomness of it to be entertaining as well as not make things to one sided ( aka: go into a major half hour gun fight and come out if it without a scratch). I prefer Forum posts, it gives me a little more time to write and think about it before I write it.  Though i can do instant messenger role plays  i prefer not to.

Extra information:  I tend to be better at action orientated role plays. though if the other player is good enough i can do others as well.

Sample post:
  The night was warm and still, The air filled with scents of earth and water as the winds danced along the tree leaves. The Tree's swaying with the winds caress, Sighing as  insects and birds went about there nightly hunt. The sky itself filled with stars twinkling into the clear nights sky. Underneath the hunters moon the forest was cast a a glow in its soft white lights.  But deeper into the forest ancient willows grew alongside a a clear Hot spring. The roots of these ancient tree's covered in soft moss reaching deep into the Clear pools of water. Little wisp's of stream swirling about the surface of the hot springs, like little clouds reflecting the stars ever so clearly.
  A lone figure stood in the center of that pool, His fur as black as a moonless night. His figure obviously suggesting his feline Heritage, Thick hard muscle and sinew rippled under his thick ebony fur,As he drew his fishing spear back. His long thick crimson hair tied none to neatly into a pony tail. He wore nothing in the water. Bead's of water slowly rolling down his fur.
  Slowly his eyes opened, Those deep lightning blue eyes looking deep into the waters searching for fish. Finding none a soft little sigh escapes his lips. A thick pur rumbled through his chest. Deep and full of bass.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #16 on: April 27, 2011, 07:57:19 PM »
User name: Bellatrix

Roleplaying Skill Level:  Some where in the middle, want to say casual maybe a little more than casual. As descriptive as I can be.

Preferred Genres: I am good for everything ;D Though I do lean more to the seductiveness side I am comfortable with casual clean settings just as much.

Preferred type of play:  As long as its fun, I dont care how many.

Extra information:  I have issues finishing an RP cause of my limited use of the computer, for the lack of a personal one. I have since then been labeled a tease because I cant always finish. I like roleplay with anyone at any skill level, gives me a chance to practice and get better.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #17 on: May 05, 2011, 12:43:38 AM »
User name: Mikkaddo

Roleplaying Skill Level:  Low side of advanced I like to think. I've been at this for many years, and I would like to think I've learned a few things throughout that time.

Preferred Genres: Pretty much anything, the beauty of the way I try to make my chars be is that they are sort of "hot swappable" I can tweak any of them to match just about any genre. Though I prefer medieval fantasy and sci-fi

Preferred type of play:  I enjoy just about anything, one on ones are ok, but group RPs are honestly something I really enjoy, having so many people add their insight and personality to it changes the story you are telling in ways you can't predict. I enjoy the challenge of that.

Extra information:  Well, I can't really think of any truly extra information to put here so I guess an example wouldn't go unappreciated.

The moon shone brightly it's silver light on the swaying grass. The sound of water on a sandy shore could barely be heard, but why would it be well heard it was not an ocean, or some massive sea or river he ventured to tonight. It was as powerful as one to him though. This lake, this place had seen many things in it's long life. Mikkaddo himself had seen many things here, so many things. He moved through the grass, feeling it massage his legs and moved to the large rock just off the edge of the sand into the grass, it was a perfect place to sit, or lay. He sat on it watching the shifting and moving image of the moon on the water's surface. Then it happened, there was no sound, but he could feel it, midnight. The moment of highest power for such a place. Then he saw it, tiny lights, photons the locals called them, he called them spirits, tiny lights floating off the water's surface. No one could explain them to him, but he didn't need an explanation. They were proof enough of the power of the place, he reached out his hand, one of them moving around his hand in the air, leaving a glowing warmth on his hand.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #18 on: May 07, 2011, 06:19:04 AM »
User name: Felicia Wolverinni

Roleplaying Skill Level: Casual to advanced depending on my mood. I try to do 1-2 paragraphs but have been known to through out 5-6 if my muse is being nice to me.

Preferred Genres: A lot of this depends on the character I am playing, but I generally like the following:
-Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
-Spy/Assassin (Mmm.. James Bond)
-Survival Horror/ Thriller

Preferred type of play:
Non-Yiffy (Forum) up to 10 players as long as everyone is dedicated and stays up to date on the thread.
Non-Yiffy (Chat) It really doesn't matter.
Yiffy (Forum) Prefer one on one but will do up to four. (and only one yiffy thread at a time on the forum)
Yiffy (Chat) prefer one on one but will do no more than 4. 

Extra information:  See that PM button?  Yeah, well feel free to use it and ask if you don’t see it here or in my character profiles.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #19 on: April 02, 2013, 01:22:23 PM »
User Name: Dracco Knightblade

Roleplaying Skill Level:  Uber demi-god of awesome!  No, just kidding.  Advanced/casual

Preferred Genres: Modern, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Medieval, Ancient, Alternate Universe, Multiple-plot line and character play, steampunk, cyberpunk, post apocalyptic, Tolkien-esq, zombie apocalypse, Xeno, etc...

Preferred type of play:  Paragraph to multi paragraph roleplay, sexual or non doesn't matter to me, as long as the story is there and strong. Multiple characters being played by one or more parties with continuity in plot lines involving those characters.  STRONG story driven plot and character interactions. 

Extra Information:  ..........................derp.

Offline Bones

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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #20 on: July 30, 2016, 03:53:12 AM »
In the interest of reviving this.

Username: Bones

Roleplaying skill level: I can fluctuate if needed, but prefer advanced roleplaying. I can do casual, and am willing to roleplay with lower skilled players in the interest of them practicing to up their skill level. I am a writer, and heavily focused on character advancement.

Preferred genres: I'm really happy with most things, and can usually find a character to fit all. Kind of fluctuates with my mood. Don't be afraid to ask, though! I'm unlikely to turn something down straight away.

Preferred type of play: Multiple paragraph is my ideal, but see skill level for more info on that. Happy with sexual or nonsexual, as long as there is some sort of character development throughout.

Extra information: I prefer long term stuff on the forum, and one off stuff that can be completed in one night in chat. Will do reoccurring in the chat if each session is completed in one(ish) sitting. Am not interested in RP on any chat program, though we can discuss there if you would like. Will also RP through PMs, but this is not my preferred method.

http://imgur.com/a/ClIGX Visual list (although not comprehensive) of my characters. Feel free to message me about any of them. Some are very underdeveloped.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #21 on: July 31, 2016, 08:39:51 AM »
Updating my info.

Username: Sock

Roleplaying skill level: I fluctuate to what the other person does. I've gone from single-liners to multi-paragraphs, althoug I prefer 2-4 lines long posts the most. I am swedish, but I like to believe I'm pretty able with rping in english.

Preferred genres: I'm up for most things. The safest bet would be to ask me if you had anything special in mind, and then I'd be able to give ya a clear answer.

Preferred type of play: third person, mostly. Read my skill level section above for more info. I like master-pet kind of playing (even if it's just for single rp's. Nothing has to be long term :P), but really, just rping in general is fun enough to do.

Extra stuff: Nothing I can come up with on the top of my head. Pics of Sock exists on my profile on this here site.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #22 on: August 03, 2016, 06:34:04 AM »
User name: Lattenmon/Boxymoron

Roleplaying Skill Level: Advanced/Casual. I can do line to multiline to a couple paragraphs, but sometimes I don't have the desire in me to fluff out what could be said in a couple paragraphs just to meet a length requirement. I can always explain or expand upon a post, though if necessary.

Example: Before you sat a canine hybrid at a small table. Young, yet old-looking, he was a Growlithe hybrid well past his teens. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, the front graphic reading 'Shirt of Continued Employment: Resist Fire +50,' sitting and reading a small novel titled 'Armada' with an iced coffee beside him. His ears were pinned back, fully engrossed in his book, lost in the story contained within.

Preferred Genres: Modern, Slice-of-life, SciFi, military/warfare.

Preferred type of play: One-on-one and group I have more experience with, but I have not ever done an RP that required dice or rolling, even though some of the fighting sequences I have done might have probably gone better with them. XD I try not to god-mode, and I'm more willing to 'take a hit' than auto-dodge everything. I do not 'auto-hit' at all.

Extra information:  I more or less prefer third-person in RPs. I have three primary characters: Bryce Harrison (a Pokemon Growlithe anthro), Cindy CLamentine (a feline, Russian Blue/Colarpoint Shorthair mix usually depicted in Angelic form that is heavily involved in magic use), and Lattenmon (Glitched Renamon).

I can create other characters as needed or wanted, and can add details to them as we go. Most characters are based on me, my personality being loving and caring, so I do have a hard time creating a rude or cruel character and sticking to it.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #23 on: February 10, 2017, 01:12:50 AM »

Skill:  I have mad skills..will post long paragraphs or short. Depending on my partner.

Preference Setting: I'm down for almost anything.  I Like to at least talk story line and setting to have a general direction.

Sexual preference:  My boy characters will definitely get a yes to a yiff.  My girl characters i have to be in the mood for it.

Preferred type of play: Group or One on One either or. I like the more the better.

Extra stuff:  I rp in first person.  Love it! I will make up characters need be.  I do have characters on my profile already.  I am working on the description to give them mini profiles so you have a chance to look at them.
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #24 on: May 27, 2017, 01:10:23 AM »
Seeing I've taken a lot of changes n such since the last time... deleted my other post, and now, I will remake this stuff into awesomeness!


User name: Jen

Roleplaying Skill Level:  I do consider myself moderately-advanced, however I can work with just about any situation you throw at me! (Albeit I might gnash a bit at the thought of one-line posts)

Preferred Genres:
Ancient/Prehistory (Think Tribalism stuff)
Dystopian/Grimdark (Thank you City of Unity for giving me this interest)
Futuristic (from levels like Cowboy Bebop onward up to things like Crest of the Stars)
War (I need more practice in this btw!)
Odd Events (Ask me about this one, I'll inform you what I mean)
School/University based Roleplays
Slice-of-Life Roleplays (Honestly only had a few of these and rather enjoyed them)
Hunter-Monster Roleplays (Think Vampire/Lycan vs Hunter)

Preferred type of play: I can basically work with anything, albeit I do suck when it comes to Dice-Rolling games n such. I might have to work on that at some point. Albeit, when it comes down to it, I enjoy One-on-One and Group (large and small) RPs quite well, and find it makes me more receptive toward things depending on the situation.

Extra information:  It should honestly be noted that my main canon is set in a mish-mash of timelines, Modern Earth to God Knows When. The Organization I usually condense the crap out of my characters into unless they have a reason not to be included into it - I.E. young or just not a person to be condensed into such a thing - they are usually universally known as members of The Ravenwood Group (the official name is hilarious btw, I will tell you it if you ask).
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Characters on FW: http://www.furry-within.com/index.php/topic,1794.0.html (Constantly Changing and Updating)

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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #25 on: May 27, 2017, 06:18:10 PM »
Eh, what the hell.

User name: GingerMarie

Roleplaying Skill Level:   Casual. I'm lazy and my grammar sucks sometimes. *shrug* I can parapost and keep up with you, but I wouldn't say I'm the best. I just casually roleplay here and there. I try not to post one-liners.

A sample: "Ugh," she grunted as she pushed through the heavy double doors of the tavern open, looking weary and weathered, the cloak she wore obscuring her from all prying eyes. She panted heavily, having walked from from the next town over, hoping to start anew. She was running from her past, again. This was the third town in a month.

The lithe form pressed her way though a throng of people before she took her seat at the bar in the farthest corner she could find, her back to the wall and her eyes front. A comfort thing, she told herself. It was really to keep her escape routes open, but she'd never admit that.

"A beer," She managed, waving down the barkeep. Upon first glance, this seemed like every other tavern she'd been in. Rough looking crowd, thieves, pirates, the usual lot. She dropped the hood of her cloak and took a sip of her beer, grunting as her horns caught the fabric.

Preferred Genres: A little but of everything. I don't mind sexual ones, but they do seem to get a little boring after a while if it's all just "Lets bang!" and no character development. I'm a sucker for fantasy, too.

Preferred type of play:  I prefer one-on-one but I'm pretty open to group. Nothing is really off the table, either.

Extra information: I do have dyslexia and it does affect my ability to post and comprehend things sometimes. So if I haven't posted in a couple of days its because of that. *shrug* Can't read a post when everything is getting jumbled and it doesn't make sense!
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Re: Roleplayers' Database (of Sorts)
« Reply #26 on: May 29, 2017, 11:39:50 AM »
User name: Vitaris Minyara

Roleplaying Skill Level:  Advanced, though this fluctuates on how much I like an rp. i.e If I love an rp I can easy manage 5+ paragraphs, 1500+ words

Preferred Genres: Dark setting, desperation, challenging, adventure with Steampunk features as a favorite.
Preferred type of play: No superhero, can beat everything stories; Even powerful chars have to struggle a bit. Also, I prefer some amount of realism, meaning no "I obliterate that army cuz iz is powerful" without at least some backstory or explanation for the story. I am open to a lot of stories, nothing too cliche though. I love when both chars have some mental issues they are trying to work through and struggle with, the more challenge the better! X3 of course a little explosion, some blood and violence are always appreciated. Long or short length rps are cool, though in general the post length is proportional to the estimated length of the overall Rp.

Extra information: I am extreme demisexual, meaning I have no sexual attraction to anything or one without a deep emotional attachment. This being so, I rarely have sexual rps. I am here for a deep and amazing story that we would build together. I will rarely say no to any Rp (besides simple smut) I would rather build on it with you to find something we both love! I prefer notes or chat (Then saving the rp in a doc) Also, I love forum Rp here---
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