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As I'm sure a few of you are aware, the site was down for about nine hours today. And as you might have noticed, the most recent posts listed on the forums are from a week ago.

Here's what happened: unknown persons gained access to FW's hosted server using an old administrator account and wiped the server clean.

There was no indication as to who was responsible, and no data appears to have been compromised.

22 Jun 2017 - Saturday ToD Event

We're trying for another Truth or Dare Event for this coming Saturday. Thought I made this post earlier this week, but turns out it didn't post. So, apologies for the late post. Here's hoping we can get the word out anyway. :)

Event starts at Saturday, June 24th @ 7PM, and will run until everyone's dropped off or tired.

Feel free to sign up here, and even invite friends from off si

05 Jun 2017 - Just a teensie heads up!

Yeah I don't honestly know if this counts as a true use for the User Announcements board or not, but I figured that I might as well give everyone a heads up to the foxy's condition.

I had surgery on my shoulder today, they corrected the damage in there and so on, after coming to find out that not only was my right shoulder nearly completely dislocated from it's working and so on, but on top of this, the socket itself was

03 Jun 2017 - Welp...

...guess this one will be kind of sappy and moronic, huh?

I don't like this decision, I really, reaaaally don't, but I suppose I've had my hands smacked away, and other craptastic events happen that just made a mess of things even further... so, with all the muck up and such, I feel kind of like I've outstayed my welcome in a place like this.

Tis not anyone's fault but my own, I've app

So, after about three weeks, we had approximately 160 entries in total from both people entering in the thread, and people buying tokens. Not t-bad. I took all of those names and put them into a randomiser, then clicked it three times to get the following 3 results. The winners of the raffle were:

Egg #3: Gadget
Egg #2: Latte
Egg #1: Ginger

01 Jun 2017 - Truth or Dare; Take Two

We're going to have another night of Truth or Dare, since the first went so well.

Saturday, June 10th, 2017 @ 6PM

The event will, again, run until it fizzles out. There will likely be given currency again, though we're not solid on the raffle for next month just yet. Most of the event will be handled in the same way, but if you have any specific feedback, feel free to chat with me about it!
From the 1st until the 10nth I will be traveling to exams. Hence If I win any of the raffles I will not be available to supply information for the stream. If possible I would like to postpone any such streams until the 12th or so if I am lucky enough to be drawn ;D

After the 12th I am ones again free to do all manner of random stuff, including poking random people for no reason!  :P

24 May 2017 - Give Me A Title

We make up and briefly describe a book/film/tv show and what it's about, then the next poster makes up a title for it.

Blob 1: "Weekend plans fall through when Lenny's spiteful and petty mother tries her best to keep her son from meeting new people."

Blob 2: "Wrath of The Progenitor"

Right then, I'll start it off, let's see how soon this dies.

The di
Okay, so some complications came up for me, and I ended up running late. By the time I arrived, we didn't have enough people to proceed. As such, we are attempting a reschedule.

I've added day options for next week. Please check a day only if you are actually interested in attending this event. Please check the day that best works for you.

For the story I plan to run, we need seven people. There is an additi
So I'll start off by saying I might make this into a weekly thing every Sunday before my xbox event, if people want me to and seem interested enough that is.

Here we are again, another weekend, another party event! I got to say I really am enjoying on hosting these. The crowd of people that flock to these events are really enjoyable. This weekend I will be focusing on the drawing game, Drawful. It's similar to pictionary. The
Coming up next week, from the 26th until the 29th, Overwatch is running a free weekend for their anniversary. I was thinking, maybe we could run a group to just fuck around with.

There's no sign-up required for this, just jump into the FW Discord chat at around 5 PM Central or so on Friday and Satuday (Sunday may happen, but I might not be there for it), and we can get you set up.
Hey guys. I'm really interested in getting a new base to work with for commissions, and just fun things for friends. However, I haven't got the dosh at the moment. So I thought maybe offering you guys some hard labor in exchange for the funds might help us all.

So I'm offering five spots for $12 each (alternately, could do a bit less, if we get 10 people, for $6 each; or a combination of the two). You'll get a full
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