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17 Jan 2018 - It is I!

GOOD DAY! or bad I don't care about you or your life! Im just here to have fun and see what happens!

07 Jan 2018 - New Year, Same Bat


08 Nov 2017 - Hai~!

H-hello~. My name's Milla, ...Milla Basset! I just joined today, and thought I would introduce myself, even though I can be quite shy at times~... ^///^

I play lots of games, but my favourite is Freedom Planet. That's how I got my username! ^w^

Alongside games, I also love to listen to (and collect) music, watch cartoons/anime, write stuff, learn stuff, aaaand sleep. =u=

I think that's all I have to

10 Aug 2017 - Well Fur...Shit balls.

Hello everyone!
  I hope the tittle didn't mislead you, But really it's to relay some seriously bad news.
   I had hoped that perhaps this day would never come for me. After all I just finished my first spring semester with no problems. However because I am studying to be a welder and all. So here it is laid out plain and simple.
   because I now have some seriously good employment, and starting my second s

30 Jul 2017 - FW Chat - Moving Forward

Hey, all. So, I'm going to sum up this post before even getting to the meat of it. Running the chat is expensive. We're going to use Discord instead.

For those who aren't aware, FW costs about $90 USD per month to maintain. The reason for those costs is that we need to hire a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to handle all of the software the site runs. And by "all of the software", I mean the AJAX chat. It uses a l

20 Jul 2017 - Jackbox?

So, after watching a youtuber I like steaming Jackbox 3, I thought those party games would be fun to run with this crazy group of people!  But I wanted to gauge interest before we picked them up.

For anyone who doesn't know, they are party games, like trivia or word games (Think blank cards in CAH).  The game host must own the game, but everyone else can play via browser or smartphone.

The main one I was think

20 Jul 2017 - Yatzee tommorrow?

So I'm interested in playing yatzee. I know of a site where we can keep track of such things and the chat itself has a built in dice roller, so would any of you be interested? I am thinking tomorrow, friday the 21st at 7pm EST. any of you interested? I could change the date around if need be.

12 Jul 2017 - Minecraft!

 GREETINGS DENIZENS OF THE SITE! We are making a Minecraft Server for the perusal of the site's members at large. We're all welcome, and it's going to be running a well rounded modpack, FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10. You can get the Feed the Beast stuff from what used to be Curse, and is now Twitch's desktop app. Yeah, I know, but it's online marketing at its finest. That said, the server staying running is dependent on pe
I've been thinking about doing a League of Legends tournament. So this post is to gauge interest in something like this. It would be purely for fun and bragging rights, though if it goes well, we could see about there being rewards or prizes. I would create a bracket, and we would play through the bracket. If there's enough interest both from those experienced, and new to the game, then we could run two separate brackets so no one feels

07 Jul 2017 - Art Queue

This will just be a post, regularly updated, with my art queue, so that everyone who has commissioned me, or is interested in commissions can refer to this for information about how things are coming along on their pieces, and when I will be available to take new commissions. If you are interested in a commission, feel free to message me in chat, on Discord, or through PM on site about what you are looking for and I will give you a quote.

05 Jul 2017 - A New Dragon

Greetings, all. The name's Kael'tir, it's nice to meet all of you.

Kael'tir is an (around) 9-foot dragon, with largely black scales and blue details. He is strong-- very strong, his shoulders broader than a car, but that's not to say he isn't gentle or a charmer. I won't ruin much else for you, if you want to know any more I guess you'll have to approach me.~

I look forward to meeting

02 Jul 2017 - Diablo 3 - Take two!

So, thanks to the site issue, lets repost this again!  Micha nad I recently picked up Diablo 3.  Any one else want to play with us?  My blizzard tag is Tabbymouse#1332
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