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Title: Of Despair and Dragons. (Onyx Ashes and me)
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The sky's seemed darker here, Cooler here in the mountains. Despite the warm sun and cloudless skies above, The air seemed Cool. The scent of life drifting on the winds. Everywhere you looked There was green of the mountain, The sound of life upon the thick jungle like forest.
 Even the birds sang songs as the tree's swayed and danced with the wind, It would have been as if the land was never touched by any hands except for a wall. This wall incircled a mountain and lined the valley marking it's territory. Warding away almost all besides the most daring adventurers who dare set foot upon the mountain and valley itself.
  The wall was not very thick, made from weapons and armor from a long forgotten war. The blades dull and rusting, the armor crumbling and falling apart. Marked only by time and age. Vine and moss now covered once what was strong wood shafts of spears and sword handles. Eating away leather straps that held armor in place.Most dared not set foot upon this land, for rumor was the land itself was cursed and death awaited any unwary traveler who dare set foot here.
 That threat made more believable, Just pass the wall mostly covered by moss were bones bleached and yellowed by age. Hundred and thousands of them being claimed by the forest floor. Tendrils of thin mist seemed to swirl around fingers, in and out of gaping skulls Tickling ancient rib bones and Moving through femurs and hips.
  Despite the health of the forest Scaring could be seen on tree's, Burns and whole ones snapped from some ancient battle. Despite this, the water was crystal clear running from the white crowns of the mountain to the forest floor. Leaving the entire floor  in either ankle deep clear water to calf length in depth. Despite this some sort of moss or another spongey in texture grew thick upon the water floor.The water cold and clean, but the air was warm and humid.
  Here was proof of life and death Vulgar in there display, but beautiful none the less.
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Death. Life. Both relevant. Both irrelevant. The trick was all seeing it. One side or the other and yet also seeing neither. Some call it Apathy. Others call it indifference. Two words that bore the same meaning at the end. Here there was both and that proved a rare sight to some. Not to her. She had lived too long and seen it too much. neither comfort nor discomfort did she feel. Steel Azure eyes survey it all. Her slitted nostrils flare a time or two to take in the smell of the land. The stink of old rot and char along with that of life as it blooms again. The sunlight shone off her grey colored scales. Those that peeked out through the heavy black cloak she bore around her form. it his all, but her hands and face touching the ground around it's bottom hem. She was not cold here. She had yet to figure out exactly why it was that she came to be here. A glint in the sunlight catches her eye. An old sword stuck to the dirt only a few tiny steps away. She strolls over and draws it fresh from the ground. The blade tarnished and dull from time and weather. She wonders how many lives this blade has seen fit to end before it's last wielder fell. The body lay just inches away. What was left of some poor soldier whose life was lost to war and time. She draws the blade upward and quickly stabs the ground with it leaving the blade now where it stuck. It was worth nothing now. It would never kill again. Something tugging at the edge of her attention. Something not quite here yet, but close.
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 That old rusty blade sunk deep into the earth before hitting a stone baried down deep. Making the sword ring, part of it's vibration muffled by the earth. yet...
 It seemed to echo almost quietly along the wall of weapons and Working it's way barely down the wall. As if listening to a clash of battle just out of view, yet there was no sound of Death and dying. or cries from the wounded. The sound scared some birds that flew out of the tree's.
 For a brief moment there was only silence, as even the animals understood this sound. The only sound was the wind ruffling leaves on a tree.
  It was only a moment later that a bird came to investigate,A curious crow with curious markings.As if someone drew upon its feathered body with a Crimson paint brush. Soft curls and swirls marked the stark black feathers. It's head turned to the side as it sqauked at the cloaked dragon.
 The bird fluttered and danced among the branches unto the rusty steel crossgaurd of a sword, It watched her and sqauked again.It's head tilted the other way as it studied the dragon.
"Ello..Ello.." The raven flapped it's wings. "GrraaaaW.....Ello"
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Walling away without pause she does, however, take note of the noisy bird. Looking backm casually, over her left shoulder at the crow. From beneath the cloak the tip of her tail appeared. Dangling the hem of the cloak around the topside the tip swept some grass and dirt. "What an oddly little thing." Looks away again. "It dares approach a dragon?" The tip of her tail again disappears under the heavy cloak. Starts to walk and then stop turning, slightly, to her left and looking back again. "You are either a foolish bird or something else. Either way I care little for your presence. If there is purpose then state it and be gone." snorts lightly as her left eye stares intently at the bird.
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The little raven flapped it's wings, It's feathers fluffing up before it's beak pushes it back down again. The raven almost shook it's whole body indignantly at the dragoness. It hoped back into the safety of a tree.
 Stepping back and fourth on either of it's claws. It squawked at the dragoness. The little bird had no idea what to make of the dragoness before it.  Seeming rather confused on what to do, It flapped it's wings a moment before it took off all together.  Leaving the dragoness alone.
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"this whole place is wrong" perception was strong in dragons. This whole place felt wrong and yet she still felt very drawn here. That draw eminated from further up. She felt increasingly drawn. "ORACLE!"  there was a crisp snap to her voice. Anooyance to some degree. The was a second of silence then a faint little ping. "I have a question, Oracle. Will you answer me?" the faint sound of tingling in the air floated about the hood of her heavy cloak. "What is the cause of this? This disturbance here?" The following was as if the winds themselves had been given voice. A whisper on the winds that came to her ear.

"I am the creator, through thick and thin, My time is sunset then I begin. Worlds of men and beasts I make, to me these things are not fake. But Over and over I will kill , I am the tyrant and creator but not at will. What and who am I?"

The answers were always a riddle. Oracle, a gift of her father now these days long dead, was a bit hard to explain. Some form of ancient magic given life. Acted as both Seer and guide for her. Old, powerful in ways, and wise. Almost like a mother meant to guide her to her own path. "who?" She had caught that part. The hint was there. A tingle was all she got in reply. That almost annoyed her a bit more than the reason for the question. Pondered. The mortal language was so confusing so she then thought differently about the riddle. Her own tongue may lend the additional hint she sought.

"si mi wer creator, erekess thick vur tsydani, sia tairais ui arutu hak si tlush. treskriri di sthyri vur fueryoni si xurwk, ekess ve nomenoi youwei re ti beli. shar svern vur svern si geou svent, si mi wer tyrant vur creator shar ti sva geou. svabol vur svaust mi si?"

Ah. There it was. That little hint she was looking for. "si mi wer tyrant vur creator shar ti sva geou." The phrase spoke of one who was both a creator and a ruler. One could not simply create and rule something. Not something physical so then something else. One could create there own world in the mind where they could rule unopposed an without question. In this was the answer and that answer was yet another question in ways. This place was as a dream. A dream of a memory perhaps? That had to be it. Maybe the same for the odd crow as well.  As for who? "vi sleeping dreamer" A sleeping dreamer. That is what was wrong here. There was a powerful magic here. It was hidden from her senses, but not from Oracle, who was magic as well, and could feel it. See it. The ping moved away. Oracle was guide now. Moving quietly further up. Drawn, as well, toward the mountain. "Where are you guiding me, Oracle" The wind seems to answer yet again.
"What has roots as nobody sees. Is taller than trees. Up, up it goes. And yet never grows?"

"The Mountain?" The tingling came back and then moved off in the same direction as before. Yes. Oracle was leading her towards the mountain tip or very near it. Whatever this place had been? The answer to what it had becaome was there. With a snort she strode forward following her invisible guide.
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Soon the Wild jungle like forest turned into rock and a old path was clear. Winding it's way up the mountian side. It had been a long time since someone walked this path, Yet the path itself seemed well maintained. The forest gave way to mountain side, and mountain side gave way to..ruins.
 Ruins of a young village that was snuffed in it's prime. An ancient arch way greated her as she made her way through, in the center of the road was a grave stone. It was the first of many that greeted her along the way. In the rubbles of homes doted many more grave stones, Until there were more graves than there was rubble.  Each  stone seemed untouched by time, As if someone or something kept them prestine. It was only a few stones that had no name.
  It was only then, did the smell of wood smoke drifted on the wind.  It grew stronger as she made her way along the tight and narrow path. The smell was not alone, Soon sound fallowed as well. The rythmic sound of something digging into the rocky mountainside. It wasn't long until the path turned sharply, and the sound and source of the wood smoke could be seen.
A single soul could be seen, framed by the last light of a dying day. The panther threw the last shovel full of dirt and rock onto a freshly dug grave. he stood there a long minute just looking at it. His back was to the dragoness. The panther wore no shirt, Only deep dark green shorts. His lower legs wrapped in the same kind of material. The panther held the shovel in his hand, The other end of the shovel was a rather large hook hammer.  His long crimson hair tied none to neatly into a pony tail.
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"To make sure you don’t have bad luck. To have everything be fine. You should make sure that your path isn’t crossed by this dark as night feline" came in a faint whisper from the wind.
Another riddle. Not as cryptic though. "Black Cat. Is that what you want me to find, Oracle?" The ping was ahead of her now. Oracle still steering her way up the path. Seemed like forever now. She had been walking awhile trying to figure out Oracle's cryptic clue about this Sleeping Dreamer and just what it meant. Now Oracle spouted a nearly childish riddle. Not uncommon when she was close to something she needed to see or find. Piece of a much larger puzzle that brought her here to begin with. Oop! She had not boticed she came across someone quietly. In fact she came across exactly whom she may have been seeking just now. She is some distance still and downwind of this person on the path ahead of her. Her head pulled back into her dark, heavy cloak while she watches him for a moment. Oracle had gone silent. No whisper in the wind and no tingling or pinging could be heard. Shy as always Oracle had vanished again.
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The panther stood there for a good long minute, Watching the freshly carved head stones. He slung his shovel across his back as he kneeled on freshly dug earth. A new grave he had just filled, His hand rested on the stone.
 Yet no words came, His head bowed just a little. His strong paw caressed the head stone, before digging into his pouch producing three incents that he lit with the fire. Placing it on the grave, his words were soft, almost lost upon the wind.
 "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry that you died to keep me alive. Forgive me..."
  The panther stood up, Turning slightly. There was something odd about the panther, He gave off a rather dangerous aura. But it was his eyes that said everything. There was no life in them, Cold as cold as steel in winter. only those that were dead inside had eyes as cold as these.
 Those lightning blue eyes closed a moment as he stepped away. he stopped a moment to look over the valley floor. However that strange crow came flying by, landing on the panthers shoulder. The bird nuzzled the panther almost lovingly. Yet the panther did nothing to respond. Only walking up a hidden path, a path that most would have passed without notice. It led to a small little shack hidden in the mountain shadows.
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" What in the name of... " Has to wonder just what purpose that crow had been serving this entire time. No time. Had to storm up the path right after him and did so without so much as the slightest attempt to hide it. "Who are you and why are you.." Had to stop. Nearly blurted out an assumption there. "tell me who you are." More irritated than anything right now.
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His ear twitched as he paused mid climb, Looking down at the dragoness. Those cold blue eye's assessing her, and that cloak she wore. His body turned slightly as he watched her for a long moment, His ears twitched as he heard nothing. She obviously was not here to kill him, and she wasn't of any of his enemies blood lines. If she was he would have heard her heart beating.
  Her question should have been easy, But it wasn't. he could have responded in so many ways.
 All these things crossed his mind, yet none of them seemed quite right.
 "Who am I.."? He repeated, His voice almost a quiet whisper. Thick and deep with bass. Quiet and yet demanded attention, His words were clear.
  He dropped, letting his body land in a crouch before he made his way to her, deliberately slowly. He could smell her now, judging by her pupil and scent he could tell her kind. His eyes combed over her form, searching for any obvious bulge of a hidden weapon. Cloaks were good for that, hiding things.
 The locals all knew better to stay off his mountain, They knew to keep their distance.
  "A guest on my land demanding my name? Etiquette dictates it is you who should introduce oneself first".
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"A guest." And now she was irritated ever so slightly. "I don't recall being invited. In fact I don't recall how I got here to be honest. I am no guest. I am no intruder either," Stays her ground content to leave if need be, Oracle was still somewhere about, but at a considerable distance. Odd for the spell to move so far over a mere stranger despite some strange aura. "If it is a name you need then you may refer to me simply as Ciryn."
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The panther blinked, Her irritation was telling in more way's then one. She wore her emotion's like a cloak that she wore on her back. Protective and exposed to the world and weather about. The panther looked out into the distance, his tail slowly waving back and fourth as he considered the nature of this conversation.
 Not a guest, Nore a intruder...
  She had stumbled upon him by blind luck? His eye's narrowed a moment as he considered this. There was no such thing as luck on this world. Only calculated risk and skill, This was a lesson he had learned long ago. Trust was an issue to him, Something that did not easily develop in the length of one conversation.
  Night was fast approaching, The death of another day was herald by dying light. Painting the sky in brilliant hues of blue orange and red. As if the day was breathing it's last dying breath.  The panther considered this for a long moment.
  Considered this women for only a moment longer, after all what did he stand to loose at this point? What other option's did he have, The panther already knew he could not do this alone. Perhaps it was time he cast the dice and see what fate has brought him.
 "Ciryn..." He spoke in that odd whisper tone of his, yet his words were clear. " The eve grows late and the time of safety wanes, Only the dead shall remain..."
  He knew she wouldn't survive, but it was a choice she had to freely make. If she tried to descend the mountain at this hour, she wouldn't make the base of it before she died.
  "I am." The panther hesitated for only a second. "Arashi. Come and let us have a conversation."
  With that he turned about and finished his climb to a small house, more like a shrine house than anything else. Sliding the shoji doors open. The place was moderately well lit, The light reflecting off of waxy paper. The shrine itself was cut partially into the mountain side.
 Near the back was a statue of a cloaked figure with no discernable race.  It was sitting in lotus position as if meditating, the statue itself was carved from obsidian.  Behind the statue written in clear Japanese was a single phrase. It simply read:

 A small fire burned in the cooking pit, suspending a 2 small pots. Delicious aroma wafted from both. One was obviously some sort of tea, the other some soft of rice soup with chicken and ginger.
  The only other things of note were maps spread about the floor. There must have been hundreds of them. Just laying about, Only a small pack and a few tools laid in the corner. Presumably the panthers possessions.
  The panther himself moved to stir the soup, Leaving the shoji screen door open to face the on coming darkness.
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"Damn you, Onyx. What foolish errand have you sent me on this time?" She had to imagine the daughter of Brimstone, The Great Phoenix itself, was still deep beneath her Volcano living in seclusion. It was Onyx whom she called mistress/master and it was Onyx, from her seclusion, who had told her to come to this wretched place to begin with. Reason? Nope. She could not fathom what reason the Pheonix had for sending her here. It stood to reason that it was out of some arcane sense of curiousity. She shhok her head and stared down at the path for a moment in contemplation. "Arashi, huh?" looks up at him still with this look of irritation. "very well...lead." She would quitely make her way up the path behind him until they finally reached a....."Shrine? Really...imagine that.....what was I hoping for?" A HOUSE maybe? At least she had thought that was what would be found here. "A monk? Friar?" Almost a mocking tone as she stolled about looking around unamuzed. Supposed she could not trully judge him. After all her abode was merely a cave deep within a cliff. Though it was stuffed from wall to wall with all manner of treasure and items. It was warm there though. heated to a balmy 90 degrees by it's own little private hot spring. Warm. That was a nice thought and the fire in here was at least that. She made her way ti it and sat down. The heavy claok she wore was doing ver well to hide her form under it/ He would only see the glint of her grey scaled face and those Blue eyes of hers. Details seemed hidden by something within the cloak. It was resisting the light forced upon the interior of her hood.
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He couldn't quiet read the expression on her face, that hood of hers made it hard to tell what she was thinking. He moved to the wall, gently sliding it out of the way. It was a hidden room that he did not allow her to peep into. Instead he grabbed a few bowls and cups before sliding it shut again.
  The panther made two bowls and sat looking out over the valley as night finally gave way. Offering her a bowl of the thick rice and chicken soup. He sipped on it quietly as he waited, his face intentionally emotionless. His eye's scanning the  nearby rocks and sparse vegetation. His eye's finally spotting what he was looking for.
   "They say, when a body dies if the souls are vengeful they will linger"  The panther pointed to what looked like fire flies as they danced among the shadow and mist.  Floating and settling only to float again. Landing in what seemed to be pairs.
  "They linger and whisper for vengeance until they can pass on.."
 Arashi looked at Ciryn, making sure she was watching. The pattern those glowing orbs danced in almost mesmerizing. Until they were still, each like a pair of glowing eyes that blinked. It was almost as if the shadow and mist formed the body. A body of liquid night and mist, half hidden half exposed in the darkness.  It was as if the wind made there voices, a whisper that could be heard. But their words in-intelligible.
 Slowly they crept closer surrounding the little shrine.  There must have been hundreds and thousands of them. Suddenly they stopped, forming a clear circle around the shrine. As if some force kept them from coming any closer.
  The panther spoke again, This time in almost sing song whisper. "The spirits of the clan will remain, Until the last villain is slain. From the still unbeaten heart, The will of the spirits shall depart. Until then rest shall not be had, Until your will is ironclad. from foe and beast you shall be, Until earth and snow are history. Your body and mind will be, Recovered from endless sleep. At the cost of another, from any that may be brother. His soul removed from thee, This shall be the fee. Until all has paid, from man to women and children slayed.  "
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"zii do brod fen reyzan, Erei laat vokulin los krinaan. Nol tul unbeaten hil, fen do zii fent lif. Erei ruz praan fent ni kos lost, Erei hin fen los ironclad. nol paal ahrk sivaas hi fent kos, Erei gol ahrk od los usnutiid. Hin kopraan ahrk hah fen kos, Orofaal nol oblaanvu laag. Ahst soviis do vorey, nol naan tol aal kos zeymah. Ok sil govey nol faal, Daar fent kos fee. Erei pah lost paid, nol jul wah miil ahrk kiir kriin. " Her voice quiet. almost as if she found a moment of peace. The words were his and the laguage, as old as time itself, was hers. Her head was slightly hung and her eyes closed. She would not look the dead in the eyes. She would, however, give them voice. As she repeated the last of his song a thick mist appeared as if called from the air. Light could not disuade it's approach as it all but ignored the flames and heat of the fire. Surrounding them it seems more intent to cover those dead that had appeared. It took them one by one, but they did not vanish nor did they feel pain. Instead they were granted something slightly more than bodies of shadow and vapor. Bodies made from the mist itself as a very heavy bank of it rolled in around the flame.
"dilon lingrah ustiid Zu'u ofan hi zul. dilon lingrah ustiid Zu'u ofan hi ankid. Hin stories vofun ahrk hin vaarnufaaz kiin rahgot. Het mu nu stories wah fun. Nunon fah daar vulon aal hi nahwan. Zeim nuzuk do wuth zeim suleyk vofun Zu'u, fah daar vulon, vos hin dinok wah unfold. Het dii zul tol nii aal bodiir wah hi hin us thus do dinok daal hi wah niil zos. ." Now she sounded almost strained. It was an old magic. One nearly forgotten to all, but the eldest of dragons and passed to her through that of her father. It drew from her. Much energy was being expended and she was already tired from the day. "I cannot hold them here for long." This mist is powerful and will not last, but a short time. See your dead as they were in life. here them as if they stand before you in life." She had to focus so she refrained from speaking any further. he would have little time to greet those he sought. To those that meant harm? The mist would not allow them purchase in this world. Their intent would be known as they possess a different appearance that would reflect their reasons for being here. Slightly contorted or even haggered in appearance.
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His ear's twitched, not understanding her language. Instead he sipped his tea watching the dead souls gather.  He sipped his tea, setting down his now empty bowl. Taking a quiet moment to reflect on his failures.
 He noticed it first, That thick mist that covered the valley and mountains at night. Watched as the souls took on a more misty form, It was only then could he pick out individuals he knew in life. A soft huff escaped the panthers lips as he stood up.  Old friends, villagers, even family gathered. Smiles greeted the panther, All but a few.
  There misty pantherous forms turning into something more sinister. 13 in total taking a more demonic form. He noticed that these 13 were retreating slowly as if forced by some unseen force.
 His head swiveled as he heard Ciryn's voice speak in a language he understood. He gave her a little node before moving off. The sea of mist and shadow bodies parted for the panther, forming an entrance that lead into a tight circle. Only two furs stood there, one a male the other female. Their hands joined as they waited, Arashi's hand trembled as he stood before them and kneeled. His voice quiet as he spoke.
 Their misty mouths moved as the replied. Stepping forward each put a hand on either side of the panthers shoulder, The rest of the village moved in. Setting paws on Arashi's body, those that could not put hands on those that could. Until the entire village was tight in a circle.
  For a moment there was only silence, That was dissipated by hundreds of whispers at once. In a language only the Arashi could understand.  Almost all at once All the voices were silenced as those that touched the panther disappeared. Circle by circle they returned from whence they came.
  All but one, A single female stood before the panther. They said nothing as they gazed at each other until finally she too disappeared. Leaving only the 13 demons that stayed far from the panther. Looking down at him in disdain.
  Arashi's hand curled up into a fist as he glared back, Turning he returned to the little shrine. Touching Ciryn on the shoulder..
 "Enough..Thank you..."
 The panther slide the screen doors shut, He looked upon the cloaked statue a moment. Deciding for the last time if Ciryn was here as a gift, or curse. He blinked as he sat back down. Noticing a certain bit of resemblement between the statue and this dragoness before him. He knew he could not break this curse alone, This path would be dangerous for them both.
  "I have little to offer and no right to ask. Will you help me break this curse"?
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"They haunt you. All 13. You gave them the power and only you can take it from them." She stirred from her spot nearest the flames, but he would see nothing. That cloak was loving this fight. The light was still forced back from within the hood. "However....the power they have gained is now greater than that which you, alone, can muster. These demons....something about them.....nothing here can avail you against them. Here you will only feed them." Slowly the mist rolled away. vanishing back to the thin air that it came from almost as quickly as it had come. Any images he may percieve faded away as soon as the mist relinquished it's touch upon them. " I do not know what help I can offer you, though it seems our paths have intertwined somehow. I will do what I am able....for now" It was the best she would offer for now. Turning slightly toward him as she spoke.
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His hands rubbed his mouth and face before he squatted by the fire. his paw rubbing the back of his neck. The panther blew out a breath as he looked into the fire.  His appetite lost, Instead he poured himself a cup of tea. Wishing that it was something much stronger than mere water and leaves.
 She was right of course, There was no point in staying here. It was wasting time, A luxury he was not willing to pay the price of.  The panther's ears twitched. He was comforted to know that he wouldn't be facing this monumental challenge alone, At least not at first.
  The panther got off his knee's Moving about he picked at the solid floor. Removing a wood panel he brought out maps. Unrolling them he picked threw a few. 
  "They teach us at children about Our village, and the stirrings of ages.  I found recorded in our history about the origins Of what was. They say the start of the Koga and iga history stem from one dojo. If all our teachings are there. Then there might be a reverse, If we can find the one the runs that dojo Or even that place we might be able to find someone to help us?
 His claw tips slid over paper as he found the village. "It's a ways away. Almost 2 fortnight by foot, We could cut time by cutting through the forest, Taking a boat from this river pass and ride the rest of the way. 1 Fortnight that way, But there are villages and a few major cities along the way. " He looked up from the map.
 "It's the only thing I have, Unless you know a place we can find out more"? The panther sat down the map, moving to sit next to her. "What say you"?
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"I do not suppose we have any other choice. Staying here will avail us nothing. I cannot change into my real form anyway. The spell I cast exacts a very heavy toll. My magic is drained. for now I am trapped in this material form." She was sounding a tad weak now. As if a wound was sapping her strength. Not far from the truth either. That spell was still leeching from her. Though the mist was gone it was still in effect "arcane magic like that is..strong..and I am not really able to use it as well....as I should be." Struggles to stand back up. She gets to her feet feeling a little wobbly. He may or may not notice right away that her heavy cloak seems to be....well getting weaker as well. The hood is no longer able to hide her face. She turns her head to face him. Those blue eyes are very intense as they gaze on him. Clearly the hood was no longer hiding her feathers. Smooth, nearly flawless scales glinting lightly in the flickering light of the fire. Dark grey, almost black, scales wrapped around the upper portion of her head with a lighter shade, like ash, along her chin and lower jaw. A few lockes of blue and siver colored hair feel from her head lightly bewteen her eyes. Small nostrils, set to the edges of her rounded snout, flared as she took a deep breath. She reached up with small hands to take back the hood hiding her curved white horns. They ran from the top of her skull outward along the width of her head and curved downward at first then curl back up a bit to a sharp tip on either. She seems to struggle less as the hood came down and the cloak lost alot of it's darker color becoming more of a silver. her hair is shoulder length and shines even in the dim light with silver and blue randomly mixed in. The cloak itself was also a spell and it was wearing off. In fact the thing was shrinking up. becoming less a cloak and more a shawl. Under that? She wore nothing, but her naked scales. Those dark grey scales ran from head to toes along her sides and back with a flawless ash color all down her from side to her inner thighs and the underside of a very long and curled tail. She was petite in shape. Modest breasts, with striking curves at her sides and rear  and all while standing at a modest 5' 9"in height. She was maostly naked and did not seem bothered by it in the least. Natural state for a dragon was to be nude anyway. "I am a Mist Dragon. I told you my name. I was sne t here by my....Mistress....to look into odd magics at play. Some...power seems to be eminating from this region. Something dark." She hung on the word "mistress" a bit like it left a bad taste in the mouth. Her eyes were locked on him. never did they waver for a second. Was she sizing him up? Could he tell? She was. She wanted his reaction to seeing her like this. It would reveal both his intent and his resolve and she kind of liked to tease. She reaches up and slowly brushes the hair from between her eyes with her little claws. her feet had small claws as well.
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The panther put down his map, His ears flicked as he simply listened to her speak. He could not deny nore demote her powers, truth was it was beyond his understanding. So he simply just believed, nothing more nothing less.
 Before he knew it he was reaching out to steady her, but noticed that she seemed well enough. Those cold blue eyes of his fallowed her just in case, ready to catch her if need be. His eyes widened just a little as he noticed the change of her cloak.
 Arashi hated magic, But also realized how valuable it could actually be. The panther met her gaze head on.  It had been ages since he had seen a women, much less a naked one.  It was his eye's that lowered first.
 He had not met a dragon kin yet, At least that what he assumed she was.  He wondered If those scales that hugged her body so close offered any protection. Did she say this was just her "material" form? He had a lot of questions. Probably Just as many as he did, the panther rolled up the map.
 Yet his mind was on other things, Smooth strong muscles under scales. He wondered what they felt like...
 He shook his head clearing his thoughts as he cleared his throat. Moving behind the statue he pulled out a thick stuffed Futon and blankets and pillows.
 "It's late.."
   She must be as tired as he was, Finding himself looking at her nipples he tried not to look at her. Once more he cleared his throat.
 "It's late.. you should get some sleep"
  With a quick hop the panther was in the rafters, content to sleep above the door in some sort of hammock he had set up there. He covered himself with a blanket and rolled over.
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Oh she soaked it up. The leering that is. She wasm if anything, slightly vain. Most all dragons were. She honestly didn't mind it though thankful he didn't try anything beyond the staring. She merely huffed as he vanished into the rafters. "left to the cold" She thought to herself. Well..not really. She did have the warmth of the fire and that was about all she needed anyway. A few more logs tossed in and it would hold to morning. She would nestle up right next to it and be able to warm herself quite adequetly tonight. One good night ought to give her back most of what she would need to face the day and the road ahead. Alying out she can just make out his position above her. Gods she must be tired or half out of her mind. Finding herself wondering what he would do if she...were...to...join...him.... That last little thought was really the last as she just could not remain awake any further. It was late and it had been a long day. She totally forgot about Oracle again........
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Despite the silence he was unable to sleep at first. Laying there his hand moved to cradle his head. The panther's ears twitched as he listened to the silence. Eye's closed as he simply just relaxed. It had been a long time since he last heard the silence.
 As long as he could remember he had heard the soft thump of beating hearts. Thousands of them, All of them...
  Those sounds had plagued him many nights, Almost driving him mad. The panther turned slightly to watch her sleep, she had passed out so quickly. For a moment he was jealous of her, For someone to sleep so soundly. Turning in his sleep, he closed his eyes. There would be much to do in the morning, and he planned on being up early.
  Restful sleep was something Assassin's lacked, there was always someone or something that was out to get you. instead he fell into a light meditative sleep. Able to wake up at a moments notice.
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Oracle had been forgotten once more. It was an easy oversite. Oracle never forgot though. It was not in Oracle's nature to forget anything. For instance. Oracle had seen a lonely moth fluttering about upon the path earlier today. Such a small thing would be noticed and merely forgotten within that same instance, but not to Oracle. It had gone off to find the moth having wondered where the tiny creature had gotten too in the hours past. Oracle had not forgotten the Panther either, but he was not of interest. That lonely little moth was. It had sought something. What was it? Where would it be found? Moving as nothing more than a slight breeze in passing Oracle searched the direction the Moth was seen in. It happened upon a small glade some distance from where the panther was. In the glade sat a batch of wild flowers. They were of many hues and sizes. Upon the tallest sat a small, white shape. Here, upon the tallest of these, sat the moth. Bathede in the light of the moon it sat/ It wings slowly moved, but it did not attempt to fly. Oracles wafted around it. Under it and over it. The small creature refused to do more than sit there. Oracle watched it a bit. Oracle was watching it die. The moth had wished to spend it last few hours in this world free. To fly as far as it could before it's time was done. So it found itself here. In the peace of the glade. Nothing to snatch away it lasy precious moments, but time itself. Here it seemed to be alone, but....it was not. Others had come. They sat around the glade as if coming to pay homage to the Moth upon the flower in the glade. Oracle was still and always silent as the moth left this world. Oracle manifested next to it. Another Moth. Vibrant and tiny as the Moth, himself, had been when his life was new. Oracle's new wings flitted against a cool breeze and shimmered, ever so slightly, against the light of the full moon overhead.
With a quick flit and a silent flap Oracle was airborn and danced about the Moth that lay silent upon the flower in the glade. Oracle would not forget even a life as small and as brief as his. The others, those that had gathered, also took to the wind and joined Oracle who flitted and flapped about the glade. Oracle then radiated with all colors and hues. They danced acrossed the flitering wings and the others drew closer, 100s of them, called by what they saw. Oracle drew them away. Drew them so the Moth could rest in peace. It's life lived and it's spirit free. Away they all went. Lead by the shimmer and shine of Oracle's colors and hues. Away to the temple where the Panther lay and the dragon slept. Silent and unnoticed they would flit about the crackling flames, round and about, and up to the ceiling where they would be safe. Safe until the morning light. Oracle's voice whispered upon the wind.
"A moth ate a word. To me it seemed,
A marvelous thing when I learned the wonder.
That a worm had swallowed, in darkness stolen,
The song of man, his glorious sayings,
A great man's strength; and the thieving guest,
Was no whit the wiser for the words it ate."
Down below those many watching eyes the dragon stirred. Peaceful slumber but briefly disturbed. A mumble and a turn saw end to that as the fire crackled and silent wing flitted in the slowly dying light of the flame..........
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His ears flipped as he woke, Turning slightly his arm resting over his eyes as he just listened. Slowly he took a breath, letting the sound soak in. His tongue brushed over his fangs, still tasting last nights meal on them.
  This was normal for him, The quiet sounds of the mountain wind. The chirp of crickets and the sound of the wood shifting that formed this little hut. He was used to the sound of the beating hearts, It was almost comforting in a way. It was the sound of some far of person living it's life.
  This woke the panther with a start, His lightning blue eyes opened. The thought of a nap leaving his mind. Quietly he rolled out of his hammock, His hands and feet hitting the ground in a barely a sound. Fuck! It was cold. The panther drew a few pieces of wood adding it to the fire. At least the kettle water was still kinda hot, He poured himself a cup mixing it with a few crushed brown beans and herbs. Urgh! It was bitter but good, in its own nutritious and medicinally way.
 A thick sigh escaped the panther as he sipped silently, Ciryn was still asleep. The panther watched her a moment, He knew people were different when they were asleep. So he read her like he did everything else. Taking only a moment to observe, hot cup in hand.
  Her body was almost languid and relaxed, She must be used to being safe.  She didn't sleep with a weapon either, He wondered if it was because she put so much trust in her magic.
  Those eyes of his roamed her body as they did last night. Shapely legs, Strong core, Well formed shoulders. She was almost built like a fighter. Yet those curves she held spoke of dexterity and movement. Those eyes of his focused on her hands. Her claws seemed clean, The panther rubbed his fingers together.
  Was Ciryn hands soft? Did they have any callouses? Can dragons even get callouses?
 The panther turned sliding the door open, Watching as false dawn barely lit the sky. He sat there cross legged, thinking always thinking.
   There was still so much he didn't understand, he wondered the extent of her powers. Magic was not something he knew how to judge and weigh in it's usefulness.
 No, the only thing the panther understood was strength, skill and steel. It was easy for him to understand, far less complicated. The panthers steps made no sound as he crossed the room, Sliding that hidden panel that lead into another.
  Here was the armory, filled with tools of death and life.  It was these that he knew well. It was here that he understood the most. The panther gathered his things, Piles of useful stuff lay on the floor. The panther filled his pack, Grasping things that would be useful on the journey.
 Once that was done, he took one last look around the room. anywhere and everywhere there was space on the wall. it read "how much is enough". As if some tortured soul chanted this over and over.
 He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath he released it slowly. "Just one more..." He whispered to himself, He had been alone to long.
  With so many people wanting him dead, He knew they faced difficult odds. However there where things he could do to lessen the threat. The panther returned to the fire, scooping some of that ash into a bowl. He mixed it with some fowl smelling liquid, Slowly he worked the pistol and mortar grinding the ingredients together. All the while letting the dragoness sleep, The panther assumed she needed it.
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The dragon sat almost bolt upright in what appeared to be some knee jerk reaction. Wasn't that she had been started, but more that was just the way she would wake up. "What the..." Sniffs the air. "Where is that foul odor coming from? Looks around as her eyes begin to adjust to the sudden inlet of light. They lock upon the panther. "You are up already? What time is it?" Not so much as a yawn she stood up and gave herself quite the stretch still quite naked. looks up seeing what appeared to be 100s of moths milling about the ceiling with one in particular directly above them. "Where have you been?" Hands on hips addressing the colorful moth and it's many friends. "Vanish without any trace all night and now this? Oracle!" Gruff voice. The colorful moth merely twitched it's wings though it remain where it was quietly. The dragon snorts and shakes her head. Gaze now turns to the panther. "Good morning to you." Half turning to face him with the sun glinting off her scaled hide. "perhaps you have some form of clothing I could.....borrow? I would just use the cloak, but I need to conserve what magic I have. or I could remain like this if you prefer?" Raising an eyeridge at him sceptically.
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His hand paused in mid stroke of the pistol. Looking up at the dragoness as she sat bolt up right. The panther blinked a few times just taking it in.
 "What? oh." He sniffed the fine ground up greasy powder "It's probably The oil in this mixture."
 The panther put the mortar to the side, Allready he was getting bombarded with questions. That meditative sleep was just enough for his body. However his mind was still tired. He took a sniff of his strong bitter drink.
 "Well it's not the buno, Least I don't think so." He sniffed the coffee, Smelled good to him anyways. He took a minute to swallow before answering the rest of her questions.
 "Hmmmm, yes" He took a moment to measure his hand between the sun and the earth. "About one hand, I'd say sometime after 7 am".
  Finishing his drink he began to mess with the stuff in the mortar, Rubbing the greyish paste into his fur. He was careful to work it into his crimson hair.
 The stuff, seemed to give his fur a greyish silver hue. This made it easier not to look like a panther. The smell alone would hide his scent.  His eyes fallowed hers as he spotted all those moths just about the same time she saw them.
 How the hell did so many moths just appear from no where? He was full of questions. Mostly how the hell did he miss them during the night? And who the hell was Oracle? He didn't catch the scent of anything in particular. This just seemed to confuse the panther more, however his face didn't show it.  As if he dealt with this kind of trivial matter on a daily bases.
 "Good morning to you as well." There was a strange reaction though, A little smirk played on his lips as he watches her stretch. Fingers working that oily stuff into his fur.   He debated for a minute about letting her wonder about naked. Wouldn't that be a site to see, That smirk grew across his lips.
 "Sure.." The panther moved to the hidden door that lead into The weapons and supply room. "Take what ever you need, or anything that you can fit into. "
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"I think you want me to run around naked." Smile upon her lips turning around to saunter into the room which he just presented her to. Moths on the ceiling began moving around. Flitting here and there though remaining high up with the temple. The colored one seeming to have vanished from sight as soon as she stepped into the room. Milling about inside that room for a time sifting through whatever she could find. All she really found was some old slacks and a tunic. Both were a dull green in color and looked like some poor peasant had once considered them their Sunday best.  They were a little loose, though that would work. Not what she was used too, but then it worked well. She could not use the cloak so this was the next best thing. The tunic did have a hood just big enough to pull up over her head. Some shoes, browm colored, and the ensemble was complete! Waltzed back out looking demure with a smile. Felt kind of nice to get down to Earth a bit. If he were to loo she was naked under that ensemble. "This was all you had that I could actually fit into. Perhaps we can find something else when we reach a shop or town somewhere"
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A thick chuckle escaped the panthers lips. His ears perked up as his hands worked the thick liquid into his crimson hair.
 " Well, It certainly would draw less attention to myself". That smiled played on the corner of his lips as he watched her enter the hidden chamber.
 His eye's fallowing the moths as he continued to work the foul smelling liquid into his fur. He didn't like having moths in the temple, they did after all tend to eat cloth. Destroying what little he had managed to preserve of his village.
 However, if they were successful he doubted he would ever return to such a place. It was his home, and yet it was the grave of his people. Perhaps when they were free he could travel and be gone from this place. His heart was full of hope, hope that he to could enjoy a measure of freedom.
  The panther worked the rest of it into his fur, taking care to fluff himself the best he could. The grey gooey substance clinging well to his fur. Looking at himself he resembled a young lynx. Though that smell was strong at the moment would hide his scent. Yet, he could not hide his eyes. Those cold piercing eyes stared right back at him. It was the best he could do under such short notice. Perhaps a Thick Kasa hat would help hide his eyes.
  The panther started to dress himself. Pulling on an old tattered grey kimono. His pack was already ready when she waltzed back in. Those cool icey eyes of his locked onto her form. Even though the green silk was slightly faded she looked...Stunningly good.
 That Green Tunic hugged her form in all the right places. "Sure, If that is what you wish. It would be good cover for you".
 The panther let his hat hang on his back, Stirring the pot of rice soup and eggs. Dishing out a bowl.
 "Did you not find a weapon you can use"? He was curious as to why she carried no weapon. After all she had magic, but what happens when she was drained?
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"hmm....tighter than I would have expected, but this outfit will have to do. At least until we reach a town" She had not thought about gaining a weapon to use. She liked to move about unnoticed, but without her cloak she was resigned to this for now. "Perhaps a weapon would be my best bet."She saunters over to him. Little sway in her hips. Her eyes piercing him. Slight smile across her mouth. "Now. What kind of weapon shall I carry?" She got real close. Almost to the point that she was touching his form with her own. She loved this game she played. Always temping. Always pishing. Watching her prey. How he would respond. How he would move. He would have to deal with her this way. After all she was female and she was alone alot. She hovered right there. Inches away and just so close. That seductive gaze in her eyes. "Perhaps something small. Easily concealed. Dagger perhaps. Maybe two?" She'd slowly turn and step away. Tial curling behind her nearly missing his side by an inch or two as she waltzed over to pervay the selection he had. Her steps were measured. Like a lady moving gracefully across the dance floor. It was how she held herself. Even out here in the rough and wild she maintianed her composure and proper posture. So like a dragon. To be refined. Most were. They all held themselves to high standards even when they were forced to live outside their means. She was little different in that respect. Despite the fact that she was born into this world in disgrace. Her Mother had been...seduced. Quxysa, her mother, was a highly revered Blue Dragon. Long ago, around 200 years, Quxysa had run across a young Mist Dragon named Ksaazux Silver. He had been her underling for some time and had rose to some degree of prominence under Quxysa's service. Quxysa was quite impressed with him. So much so she allowed him to become her personal bodyguard. They grew close in their time together. This was frowned upon by other Blue Dragons. Mist Dragons were seen as lesser though they were just as powerful in their element (Water). One night of passion. One night had felled her mother's standing among her peers.
Quxysa did not care. Her daughter was her pride as well as her father's. Forced from their home. Forced to take "Material" forms and live among those they had ruled over. Cyrin was born to this world. The world of the "mortals" Still this meant the Cyrin was denied the teachings of her peers. Her powers, though great, were never developed properly so she was considered weak. It was her Mistress, Onyx, who had been teaching her to tap into them. Her understanding of her own powers, though, is still limited. her small hands feel across two small daggers. These seemed to almost speak to her, They were just right for her hands and would be easily concealed inside her tunic. They looked old and well used. The blades bore little nicks and scraped in them from usage though they looked to be sharp and ready. "what about these?" She spins on her heels easily to face him again. The tunic came losse and dipped down on her a little. She had it loosly tied for comfort. Now she was just looking for his attention again. That is right. She intended for the tunic to loosen some. The Daggers both have black handles and greyed blades. Simple daggers. Nothing fancy. looking at him like she did not notice her tunic now hangs more open than before.

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The panther gave a little nod, He wasn't looking at her anymore. Instead focusing on his task at hand.
"It is always good to have a weapon on hand".
 That was until she sauntered over to him. His head turned from his task of bundling equipment together. His mouth opened to respond, a number of sharp objects came to mind. His right foot moved back, Still he resisted the urge to step back. These things still felt new to him, being alone so long. His breath caught in his chest as he scent mingled in the air. So close he could almost taste it.
 Yet that look in her eye, almost a twinkle of mischief behind that. Now that everything settled in his fur he didn't smell as strongly as he did before. His scent almost completely different, only a very keen nose would detect it unless they got rather close. His fur smelled like Wheat and nutmeg.
    Arashi smiled, That little smile playing on the corner of his lips. Something he wasn't quite accustomed to doing. It was a natural smile, not a forced one. His body seemed to tense and relax just a little as he, wasn't so defensive.
  He watched Cyrin turn and move away, Effortlessly graceful. She had great potential in being a good fighter with enough training. Yet that wasn't all that he saw. When did his mouth become dry? What was it about this..Dragoness that he craved?
  Curiously he fallowed her, Watching her carouse Through the miles of weaponry that he kept. Leaning slightly on the Hidden door as he watched, His arms crossed over his chest. His tongue ran along his fangs. His ears perked, He could almost hear it. The sound of the selection. The faint call of steel, calling for a new master.  Some blades sat silently as if they knew it wasn't going to be a good fit.
  Arashi's smile grew across his face, As Cyrin Chose her weapon. Just as her weapon chose her. They seemed to fit well enough in her grip, Naturally and comfortably she held them. Pushing himself of the wall, he moved towards her.
 "A good choice".
  His finger touched the tip, moving down the spine of the blade. Her body seemed languid and relaxed, Just as it should be. That finger traveled down, down Tracing along her hand and down her arm as he moved just behind her.
 "Daggers, are not built for power. They will not turn a blade away, They are built for subtlety and maneuverability".
 His palms swayed against her for arms lifting her elbows a little. His chest and body pressed against her back as he adjusted her form.
 "It does not matter, how strong, or fast your opponent maybe. A dagger will always find away."
  His foot tapped against her heel, He was almost straddling her tail now. Those hands moved from her shoulder, He couldn't feel any real tension under her scales. Those strong hands moved to her sides, His palms fallowing the curves of her form. His fingers brushing over the sides of her breast as they fallowed her body. Those fingers resting on her hips as he adjusted her hips just a little.  His breath warm and moist against her ear.
  Her form looked good, natural and not forced. Those palms moved further down, touching her thighs. There was no trembling there as if her legs forced the stance.
  Those deft fingers of his slides slowly back upwards,  Undoing the belt Letting it sit at her hips. But the top spilled open. Those warm strong calloused fingers slides up her belly. Getting a better understanding for her body.  Knowing where those daggers could sit and be hidden.  He strapped a silk and leather holster for them, Adjusting it so it would sit comfortably and firmly against her scales. The draw of her dagger would feel as naturally as possible.
   He couldn't help but to admire how her scales felt, Surprising him on how slick they felt against his fingers. Despite being done with his task his fingers wondered over her form. As if mapping it in his mind, yet his body was far more honest then he was. Being this close to her warm flesh made his react, That thick member stirring  just beneath the surface. Pressed so firmly against her tail. His body wanted her, and spoke so plainly. His breathing slowed and seemed just a little warmer. His chest rumbled with a thick deep purr, It's bassy sound reverberating though his chest and throat.
  Those strong hands brushed over her breast. He had never felt a dragoness breast before. Did she have nipples? He wondered these things as he gave them a soft gently squeeze.
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"hmm?" Well there was a surprise. She went from being instructed to being groped. Not that she was going to blame him. She wasn't exactly being subtle this whole time. Meandering around in the buff or darn near it. Perhaps it was the lonliness that spoke for them now. He had no scent other than his own. It was apparent he was without that needed attention. She found herself needing it as well when she came across him. There was a major difference in a panther and a dragon, but the smell of a male, especially one who bore no scent of a female, was something strong. Her tail had a mind of it's own now. Slinking it's way around his right leg. Hands still holding those daggers as she watched him fondle her breasts under her tunic. She was torn at the moment. She should rebuke him. Deny his advances. Afterall they did need to get going if they were going to make good time. Still.....part of her was willing and wanting. And they would have this tension between them. She knew she would flirt with him and maybe even try to seduce him at some point. She was, aware of it or not, doing it now. That tail was gripping his leg tight now keeping him from getting away. "Uhm..." Chokes on her words feeling suddenly flush in the face. "This is unusuual instruction." Giggles a bit as her mind tried to regain focus. "Is that...." She thought inwardly as she felt him pressing into her. "Does he have a n erection? Feels like he is poking me with a rock back there." She fought herself and pretended as though she had yet to notice this was going now.
Breathing felt a little heavy now. She was still fighting her urges, but they gained some ground. His wandering paw would finally find what they, apparently, sought. Soft nipples had grown erect and were sticking out slightly past her smooth scales. They were small, but he had to noticed them. "Cursed instinct...." Sighs a little sigh thinking to herself. "this...we....I mean you....need...." Feels herself tense a little. "Do we have....t..time....." That was aloud and stuttered between breath.
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His body stirred, deep within like some waking beast. Her body tantalizing making him hungry so. Those fingers of his wanted what he felt. Her scales invitingly smooth to his paws. That hunger for another crawled from deep within himself. His ears flicked as he heard the sound of her breathing change. 
How own breathing warm and slow as he leaned just a little more forward. She was stuttering now, did She want him as much as he wanted her right now? His body reacted without him thinking, A thick deep purr rumbled through his chest. His purr deep throaty and full of bass. Her tail hugging his leg as if she wanted both comfort and gratification.
 His nose was inches away from her scales. Taking in her warm inviting scent. Those lips parted just a little as if he could taste her smell.  His mind wondered what  her scales would taste like? Would they be smooth against his tongue?  would her scales be just as smooth between her legs?
 His ear twitched, Was there a tremor in her Stutter? He found himself leaning forward before her words caught up to his brain. Time, How much time did they have? Such an unknown qauntity. How much attention would they draw? How much danger were they in? These way heavy in his mind. 
His hands paused, as another thought crossed his mind. This wasn't his body, what right did he have to use it in his own selfish pleasures.  He had lived 7 lives and 7 bodies, bodies that this curse braught him too. Forcing him to take a life of some complete stranger.  That sobering thought yanked him back from the carnel pleasures of the body.
His chest heaved as he took a deep slow breath, His eyes closing for a minute. He thought it would help, yet Cyrin's inviting scent remained. Slowly His hands pulled away. They dropped down to her tail, His sharp claws tracing against the scale as he gave her butt a little smack. Hoping it would be enough to loosen her tail.
 "Prob-" He cleared his throat, It felt force as he made himself speak without whispering. "Probably not.."
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This feline obviously had a lot to learn about dragons. Once one had their eyes on something they wanted it was going to be a cold day in hell before one would ever give it up easily. Her tail remained right where it was as she took a moment to ponder this situation. No telling how long a badly need romp would last. On one hand it was important for them to get underway as soon as they could. Roads around here were best traveled by day afterall. On the other hand? She could see he was pent up and carrying a lot of tension from it. That and he was rock hard along with the fact he wanted release. That much was strong in the tone of his whisper. Her toying with him had a bigger effect that she may have planned for. Although it was not too far off to say she had been taking out her own pent up needs on him by all the teasing and play. "you feel very tense" Sounding a little coy as she reached for his paws to bring them sliding up along her side. "pent up" He wouls find his paws right back on her breasts. They felt so warm and soft those hands of his. There was the fact that traveling together was going to be difficult if he could not fully focus on the task. The same went, likewise, for her. She would not force him though, but she would make sure of his choices. Head leaning back just so she could whisper in his left ear. "Do you want me? I know you have my scent now." A little sigh. "I will undress if you ask." The tone of her voice was soft. Like that of a lover asking for his reply. Slowly her scent would grow as she became aroused. Just giddy to hear his choice reguardless of whether he would take her offer or not. She would not rebuke him for rejecting her right now. They did have to get going soon, but a little time together could mean a difference down that road.
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  He waited a moment, sure that her tail would unravel, suprised by what happened next. He found his hands being guided by her own, resting just over her breast. Her hand on top of his own.  His eyes closed as he enjoyed the moment. He felt her head lean against his shoulder as she spoke quietly, Intamitely to him.
 He was tense, and more than a little pent up. Was he always this easy to read? If she could read him like this his enemies would be more than able to do the same. His hands didn't move his body well aware of her own. Those soft locks of blue and silver colored hair resting on his shoulder. Or the way her cute white horns seemed so much brighter with the morning light.
His eyes met hers when they opened, His icey lightning blue eyes meeting deep blue clear pools  Ciryn's. Her words made his lips part just a little, Ear tip quivering as he considered it. Trully considered it. She did have such a nice body, her invitation delicous to say the lease. Deep down inside he knew he did want her, His body craved her.
  A thick hungry growl escaped his lips as he closed his eyes, The kind of sound that only a man with want could make. His jaws clenched as he considered it, I mean REALLY considered it. His jaws clenched as his eyes closed. Yet her scent invaded his thoughts, His steely resolve wavering.
 Arashi took a slow deep breath, those warm strong arms wrapping around her. Simply holding her a moment. His eyes looked without seeing, as he gazed at nothing in particular. There was this strange comfort in lust. He could not stop his fingers from traveling, those sharp claws trailing ever so slowly down her belly. Those sharp claws drew little swirls on her scales as they dipped lower, Travelin down into her pants. Those strong fingers cupped her sex, Cyrin looked so pretty like this. He wondered what sounds she would make, how long would she moan?
 His strong hands cupped her sex, massaging between her legs. For that matter, what did she even look like down there? He bit his lips as his thumb caressed what he thought was her clit, His index finger delving between the valley of her legs. He knew they didn't have time to spare, and for fuck sakes His thick shaft was painfully hard.
 It would take almost the entire day to leave the valley, far enough that they would be safe. Yet part of him wanted to stay, just for a bit after all who could resist this dragoness. His nose brushed the edge of her ear.
 "No thank you..." His voice was soft and deep, as deep as a man wanted a women. "I like to undress my women myself..."
 That thick tongue of his lashed out, tasting the edge of her ear. Finding that he liked it his sharp fangs tugged gently against her ear. He with drew his fingers from her pants, tasting them. A thick sigh escaped his lips.
Damn...She tastes good. He thought to himself.
 With all the effort he had his hands rested on her hips, pulling back just a litttle bit. Enough that his hard member was no longer resting against her. His body shook with effort, His fingers twitched with exertion. There was so much Testosterone going through his vains right now that his hands trembled.
 He could allready tell that this was going to be trouble, He wanted the little dragoness in the worse of ways....
  ".....Come on, we better get going..."
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Oh if only he could read minds. The sheer amount of delight she was feeling and all the dirty little thoughts she had right now. What she could do to this cat was frowned on even by her own kind! HE would not see the sly little smile or that prideful look in her eyes as she lowers her head and slowly moves away. Her tail took it's sweet time sliding free of his leg. The tip came up to brush along that bulge he had hidden in his pants. "He sees.." She thought. She knew she had just exposed a chink in his armor. How easily he let his guard down even though he thought it up. She had him now though. She knew exactly how to get to him. She woulf press that weakness later. When time allowed. He was aware of it, but he could not fix it...yet. Turning she dampens her smile as she tie her tunic and tucks it. She had to see his bulge. Steely bllue eyes fell upon it only briefly. He was sizeable that much she could tell. She could just tugged his pants down. Get a real good look at him...a taste...no. She quickly gathers her thoughts and regains her compusre retreiving her daggers. "Time to go. The sun is fully awake and so are we. There is alot of ground to cover. Oracle?!?" he might see the tiny, colorful, moth flit about as it made it's way to her right shoulder. Shimmering brilliantly even against the light of the morning sun rising in the sky. "Still?" Surprised Oracle was still in this moth form, but it may be a good thing. "Stay close and please scout a little ahead of us." The Moth only flitted it's wing a couple times and made off in the driection they would need to head in." Cyrin looking to the panther. "ready?"
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Arashi just stood there for a long moment, Watching her walk away. The feel of her tail slowly sliding along his leg before setting him free. Those smooth scales of hers brushing over the fur on his leg.
That feeling was..Addictive to say the least.
 Unconsciously his jaws clenched, His hand moved as her tail broke free. Just a second to late, He couldn't explain the need to grab her tail. His fingers clenched only air as it dropped to his side.
 Her back was to him, Those cool eyes of his watching her pull up her tunic. That soft cloth wrapping around her as if it was made for her. He took a deep breath breaking his gaze as she turned to look at him. A thick frustrated growl slipped out with his breath.
  "time to go".
 Her words snapped him back in the moment as he was thinking about what could have been. His ear's perked as he listened to her tone. She was all business now, As should he be.  His paw brushed over his face, getting back to business as well.
 The panther moved to the first room hefting his backpack. It held almost all the supplies they would need for the journey. As well as a handful of useful weapons. His thick hard member made it awkward to move. He moved slow enough until he was only semi-hard. Trusting that enough time would take care of the rest. Arashi cleared his throat, He stopped for just a minute so he could take it all in. He had after all lived here for so very long, It was his one source of comfort he was leaving.  His eyes closed for a long moment enjoying the feel of the sun on his fur.
  Those eyes opened a little more calmer then he was before.
 "Yes, Lets go.." He replied
     At first he was all business, keeping his pace just a little ahead of hers. Stopping when he got to far, His eyes scanning the distance. However the sound of silence was awkward. So he sang silently at first, barely above a whisper. As the distance grew he got more comfortable. His voice a deep but not very loud.
 The road is long, but the sun is warm
       A sea of green, The path will form
  My wits are keen, My food is lean where ever I go
It's allright, everything I need is a stones throw.
  The Road is here, my path is clear
 Only until My food appears, What happens next is not unclear
To my camp I shall Adhere
  My Road is long, but my camp is near
 At night I have no fear, As the darkness lears.
 For it's just darkness and time.

 He couldn't remember the rest of the words, So he just hummed them. As morning turned to evening, He broke out some quick Rations, and left overs from breakfast that he had packed. They ate on the move, Wanting to get out of the valley before nightfall. Afternoon turned to evening as he found a solid spot to camp near a clean clear stream.
 Unslinging his pack He looked about. This place was thick with tree's, just the way he liked it. Climbing the nearest one, gave him a good view of the camp. Unslinging A two person hammock he made quick work of it before dropping onto the ground. Despite his size, he made almost no sound as he dropped to the ground. He began to dig two small holes that connected to each other underground.
 "We are half a day away from the city, I figured we could take a minute there. Perhaps travel with a caravan. It might be slower but we can catch a ride. Traveling with others will help hide us a little better."
  He built the fire in the small hole, The hole dissipating most of the smoke and kept the light low.
  "Is soup ok for dinner"?
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It was a long day of walking. It was a long day of nothing to be sure. Boredom had her mind wandering quite far for most of the day and, as a result, there was little to no conversation. Most of the morning she had thought on him a lot. Mainly on what they could have done and how much farther they had gotten because they hadn't. Still that itch. He wanted to scratch it and it showed from that bulge he had for a good while. The trip went without any incident and that allowed it to go very slowly. She didn't slow though. Her pace remained matched to his the entire trip. She could have just gone ahead and stayed right next to him, but he seemed bent on trying to keep to himself so she let him. Oracle, in typical nature, had vanished yet again. That was a good sign though. It meant they were safe. Anytime Oracle returned out of the blue it was a bad sign something nasty was afoot. Cyrin felt sure Oracle was not far though. Oracle did have a good habit of remaining somewhere near. She found herself adjusting those daggers every now and then. They did tend to rub so on her hips. Not used to carrying things like that for so long. Damn...she felt so priveledged now. Almost made her felt bad. Almost. Dragons and their kin had little use for things like daggers unless there was something special about them or valuable. Every so often he wouyld stop and she gained a foot or two on him, but he kept some distance. The singing was nice. Eased the boredom a bit. Perhaps they would stop somewhere and she could play with him a bit more? That should be entertaining.
The day would pass and they both showed little to no interest in stopping. They ate on the move and that was just fine. She had done this very often on  her own. This made good time though and would make any stop for the night that much more rewarding. At least they accomplished making up for lost time when that time finally came. The sun was quickly setting now and she watched Arashi get to work setting up....holes in the ground? AH! It was for the fire. To keep warm without giving them away to any passers by. That was a neat trick. "Soup should do nicely. It has been a long day of walking and that does sound good." She would smile very politely as she set down her things. Not much. She had kept her own load light as she just did not require much. One change of clothes similar to what she wore. A small amount of spare food just in case along with a couple blankets and a decanter of water...which was nearly empty now. Some water would be really nice about now. Refill her decanter and maybe clean up a bit. "Might need to find water though. A half a day will seem a alot longer if we have none" Finds a nice spot and sets her small pack down deciding to stretch out a bit and just relax. "Provided we find a caravan headed in whatever direction we need to go? How do we keep a low profile? I am not exactly...well I do tend to stick out, you know. Even with my cloak on. Speaking of which. I am feeling quite recharged now. I do suppose I could summon it if you feel we would need me too." She was watching him for now. Just wondering what it was he would say. She took a step towards him leaning in a bit. "There is also the matter of being watched. I am sure you want to keep as low a profile as possible to aviod such instance?" Her eyes would steal a glance along his lower front. She could almost shame herself for that. Another step closer. "Might not be too bad an idea to continue on foot another day or so, but we would lose some time in that measure. Another day or so and my full power should be restored. Travel will be a lot easier then." She busied herself looking about for something akin to a pond or maybe a stream. Felt sticky from a day's worth of travel and had this need to get clean.
She would feel a sense of rejoice upon the discovery of a nearby pond. It was not a very big one nor was it warmed by a spring, but it was better than nothing and far enough in the thicket to be hidden from the road amd any unwanted onlookers . Looked as though it was fed from rains as well as a very small crick just on the west side of it. Yje sun was setting and time was wasting away. She did not even think twice and stripped down quickly before wading out into the pond. It was hip deep near the center and got only slightly deeper near the end furthest away from the little camp. The water was cool, but not cold which suited her just fine. At least she was feeling a little cleaner dipping under the water and coming right back up again. "Ah. that feels sooooo good!" Smiling and wading around a bit just enjoying the pond. The water was quite clear. Being so close to the raod it seemed it was barely used by wildlife even though it was still nicely hidden. "A hidden gem perhaps? To bad there isn't a spring to warm it." This was not going to be a good place to fill her decanter. but that flowing crick might be. She could bath a bit until the soup was done. She felt sure he would let her know when it was.
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The panther thought about this for a moment, She was right. She wasn't Exactly low profile. This will definitely cause a problem, What was the easiest way for them to fit in? Ciryn would definitely draw a lot of eyes.
 "I think the easiest really would be a traders daughter."
 Yes, that did make sense. Not to much status to worry about rich folk, and common enough to blend in with the normal folk.
 "...Yes, A traders daughter checking his fathers trade routes. It would seem to be the least suspicious. Traveling with her personal man servant."
 No one looked twice at a man servant, ever. That and he did not relish the idea of going into a town, There were to many people in towns. The idea made him rather uncomfortable. He had been long removed from society for a rather long time. He was out of touch, out of practice with his habits.
 "I don't think you need to keep a low profile, The more attention you draw with your charms the less eyes on me".
  In theory it sounded good, He stirred the soup letting the ingredients thicken. Cyrin had a point, a few more days on the road would be much more cautious. Giving him time to adjust, Having Cyrin at her full strength did not seem like a bad idea at all.
  The panther continued his chores as Cyrin wondered off. His ears perked as he listened. He took her pack and his own. Wrapping it in spare blankets to make it look as if two people were silently sleeping underneath a tree.
  It made more sense for them both to sleep in the hammock, It offered a much better view of the surrounding area.  He wondered how well he would actually sleep with the warm dragoness so near him.
 It was easy for the panther to climb the tree, Sitting on the branch near the hammock he checked out the area around them. That's when he heard the splash, His head turned as he watched Cyrin swim. A little smile playing on his lips.
  He had a good view from where he was, Watching her form glide through the water. Sadly he was to far away to see between her legs. He could only imagine what it was like, Even back at his village he didn't dare look at her to long. It made him Ache in all the right places.
 A thick sigh escaped the panthers lips as he climbed down. Setting up a branch near the fire. Draping a towel over it so it would be warm by the time she was done swimming. He briefly thought about joining her in the pond. What would it be like to tug her under the water? Feel her scaley flesh press against his own, weightless  and floating free.
  His thoughts were interrupted as the soup boiled over, A thick curse escaped the panthers lips as he pulled off the small pot. Warming the bread on top of a warm rock. He rubbed his face, This distraction could mean death for them both.
 Quietly the panther moved to the edge of the pond. Washing his hands and face.  he stayed there for a moment watching her swim some more. She didn't seem to mind him watching her like this, and he certainly didn't mind it either.
 "Foods ready when you are..".
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Perhaps the panther should have stuck around just a tad longer. She had just pulled herself up from the water onto a sizeable rock to lay out and dry off as he walked off to get something to eat. The sun, defying it's wane, still shone warmly upon her as it peeked through the grove of trees. Little droplettes of clear water shone all across her form as she lay there. His call for soup went ignored for the moment as she soaked up the chance to just relax. The soup would keep for a few more minutes. Unaccustom to this sort of thing Cyrin wanted to make the best of it and just unwind. Oracle was close by again. That familiar shimmer off the water and the slight rustle in the still air testified to that. Nothing was around that was a threat. Good. This meant they could afford, for now, to unwind though they could not really drop their guard just yet. Just a few minutes then finally the sun could no longer warm her scales. It finally dropped below the tree tops. So she gathered her stuff and quietly sauntered over to where he had been cooking the soup. The night was quick to come and the dark of night consumed the land briskly. She sat across from him and settled in for a nice hot meal. This was something of a rare treat too. Never really had time to sample anything home cooked by camp fire. She usually ate in...well not outdoors anyways. Not her style though she felt she could get used to this.
For a time she sat there sipping her soup and nibbling her bread, refined pose and manner in doing so. She was also in a state of undress. She seldom had need for anything other than her cloak and right now she was making effort to conserve. 245 straight days of wearing the cloak without resting and she had a few days left before all her power was depleted until yesterday. Now she was "recharging". Lesser dragons have a "pool" of magic they draw from. That is to say that her power is not limitless. She needs to allow that "pool" to fil back up every so often to avoid finding herself temporarily powerless. This is accomplished by refraining from using her power by simply laying low. Eating, sleeping, and relaxation help. There are other ways as well. She can drain magical item or other creatures of their Etheral Energies. Taking these energies from an item with magical properties are as simple as just draining them with simple absorbtion spells. Creatures on the other hand? She would need to use caution. Draining energy from living things was a bit more difficult as it could result in injury or death. There are several means. An Absorbtion Spell was the quickest and most difficult. Scarifice was messy and often fatal. Then there was....sex. Yes. Sex. During which her partener would, unwittingly, give off etheral energy that she could safely draw from. However this was only a little bit at a time and would require several sessions and they would have to be very intense to draw out enough energy to draw from. Probably why she had such interest in the panther at the temple. And now she was thinking of that bulge in his pants this morning. Should she really allow herself to be so distracted?

She failed to realize just how so. He would feel her stare. Those eyes were wandering all up and down his form as he ate. How soft was his fur? What would it feel like against her smooth scales? She could just smell him. A long day's worth of travel left him with a strong musk and she wanted to just inhale it. His body was so rigid. Toned from years of care and training. What did he look like in the buff? She envisioned him. Strong lined and chiseled definition. Each movement he would make well defined with feline grace. She wondered what his cock looked like as her eyes went right to his lap. She had only felt it, but not seen it. Was it as dark as his fur? How would he feel inside? What was....."Ow." She was brung back arouns to reality by a bit of her soup landing squarely in her lap. She played it off well enough hoping maybe he had missed her leering at him like that. "Ooooo...that was warm." Giggling with guilt. She realised her wandering mind had another effect on her and slowly closes her legs to hide it. "So..." Looks up and sees the hammock. "Sleeping in the tree tonight?" Of course she had not realised it was meant for both of them. "Seems you like the high places.." Kind of hoping she was not going to be sleeping on the ground again tonight.
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The panther ate his food slowly, Taking his time. His thoughts else where as he puzzled over these problems that Cyrin made him realise he had in the first place. There would be much to do as well as little to no prep time to do it in. Being so out of touch with society was both a strength and a weakness. The last time he was in society was another life time ago, albiet short.
 He had lost his taste to be around others, Would the class system still effectively hide him? How far along could society progress in 30 years? There was much that was lost to him, But not that look. The panther had an uncanny sense for being watched. Years of hiding had honed this skill.
  Indeed he felt her stare, yet his body was relaxed his focus on the fire. This allowed him to watch her through the corner of his eyes. He wondered what she thought of when she looked at him? Body que's only gave him so much info. His own body went into automatic mode, Feeding himself and eating slowly as his mind took a minute to read Cyrin's Body que's, puzzling over the secrets it revealed.
 Her eyes danced along his frame, he wondered what she was searching for? Was she sizing him up again? Was she weighing her worth in this mess he had involved her in?
 His eyes lifted just a second looking past Cyrin, blinked and looked down again. Her nostrils quivered as she took a breath, what was she smelling? He could only smell the forest and the woods As well as her of course.
 Why was she staring at his bowl? There was nothing specail about the wood bowl in his lap. His head lifted as he looked up from her cry of pain. His body switched out of auto-mode as he blinked a few times.
 "The tree's are a safer place to sleep, It gives you a better vantage point of the area. This way no one can sneak up  on you."  He pointed to the gear he had wrapped to make it look like two people sleeping. " The hammock sleeps two. I think you'll like it better than roughing it on the ground. Up there no one can sneak up on you, well unless you can fly."
   This brought up a good point, Cyrins breed was rare. Mostly associated with a higher class of citizen. He wondered again, what really braught her to his land.
 "It's no stuffed mattress, but it is rather comfortable. When your ready for the night i can clim-"
 He cleared his throat as he clearly could smell something, Was that?
 "Climb you up..."
     It had been so long since he smelled that scent, Clearly the scent of arousal. There was no mistaking that Musky wanting scent. That heady smell, Primal and ferocious. It was the smell of need and passion. Instinctively his lips parted to taste the scent, It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It tasted just like she did back at the temple, Full of delicous promises. Her Pheromones making him slightly heady. His tongue curled as he sucked a breath.
   There was no doubt in his mind that he wouldn't rest well unless they took care of this together. He was greatful and not so much to have that bowl sitting on his lap. The warmth from it was inviting, But did well enough to hide his slight hard on.
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"Ok...he smells me. Hmmm?" She takes a sniff or two. Oh yeah he was definitely becoming aroused. That was very inticing to her and made her slightly anxious. It was still somewhat early and she still had her wits about her. One thing for certain was that she did smell him and it was not just his arousal. "Before we take to climbing anything I would think it prudent for you to bathe. AFter all we have had a full day of travel and I can smell you from here." Oh how she was hoping to get a little show before anything else happened. She did mean that to be just a tiny bit insulting, but not offensive. She did not want to call his honor into this. Just his pride. Cyrin stood up and set about cleaning her bowl with just a bit of water and a rag. She was...openly letting him see as much as he could stand to take. Both to keep him focused and urge him onward. In the dying light of the sun as it finally dipped down beyond the horizon and the flickering of the fire he'd see her body. Scales glinting from the flicker of the flames. Her silhouette against the fire's light. That little damp spot showing from between her thighs. Maybe even that little trickle running down her right thigh between her smooth scales? "tomorrow we should make the town by what? Mid-morning maybe?" She bent over, right in front of him, to stoke the fire a little. If he was looking he'd see it. Her little lips were peeking out from what appeared to be a slit in the scales between her thighs. Ther was the source of the trickle upon her thigh. Glistening and eager. Only a slight peek and she stood up again. "so go and get cleaned up" Smiling and gesturing toward the pond.
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His tongue licked his lips, and then his fangs as he looked off for a minute in any other direction besides her own.
 "Bath, Right.."
 She had a point, He had been living as wild and free as he wanted. But society dictates otherwise. A smelly servant would definitely draw suspicion. Arashi smelled his paw lifting his arm slightly as he took another sniff. He did smell like clean sweat and leather and steel, As if he just got out of a garrison.
 Arashi sat there drinking in all that she had to offer, Those hungry eyes taking her all in. The way she moved made it even more clear how she smelled, This only made him half listen as she spoke. Replying rather automatically.
 "Right, Town..maybe..bath.."
   Wait, bath? Oh, right. he was over due for one any ways. The panther headed to the waters edge standing there a moment. He looked up towards the stars much like he did when he was alone. So very alone, This was the first in a long time that he had traveled and conversed with anyone.
  A thick sigh escaped the panthers lips, the smell of water clearing his mind. Cyrin's scent had a bewitching effect on him, Granting her power over him. This made him uncomfortable.  His fingers worked his thin robe, Letting it slide off the armor he wore underneath. Quietly he began to work the leather straps that held it tight to his body as his mind sorted his thoughts.
  I mean seriously, what is it about this dragoness that clouded his judgements. What should have been easy to ignore isn't? Your better than this right?
  Another thick sigh escaped the panthers lips, being so far from the fire he could just barely see his breath.  Out here he felt... exposed, vulnerable from everyone and her.
  Come on, your better than this. Your not some virgin newborn just getting his feet wet.
  The panther looked at the pond, Watching the stars reflect off the surface. Almost as if he was about to bath in a sea of stars. The panther took a dagger clenching it between his teeth as he simply walked in.  The cold and mud was quite refreshing, he couldn't help but to dive in.
 The pond was crisp and clean, the cold cleansing and wanting to rob him of his breath. Like a shadow he slide beneath the surface.  Re-appearing on the other side, That cold shock to his system gave him what he needed, and cleared his mind. Bringing the world back into sharp focus.
 That ebony dark fur clung close to his body, Giving him definition where hair would normally hide. His thick black dyed hair disheveled and a mess, He stood there for a moment just simply breathing. His body normally burned hot, Even now tendrils of steam rise from his shoulders and chest. Swirling up his fur before disappearing into nothingness.
 He walked up to the other side, Grasping and cutting a few pine branches. With a hand full of sand and pine needles he began to scrub, Fur was a pain to take care of. Luckily that mess he stuck in his fur stuck despite the scrubbing. Now with his mind cleared for the moment he was free to think.
 What's wrong with wanting to be comforted?
His lips moved as he talked softly, barely audible and he held a conversation with his reflection.
 "It leaves us vulnerable, Gives us a weakness. Caring for someone will only make you more vulnerable"
And your not now?
He did have a point. He couldn't think of a response.
 Look, it's just to body's doing what they where meant to do. You have a dick for a reason. If we must live, do we have to do it in shame? Can we not forgive ourselves and move on? For a murderer you sure are emotional.
"No, I've got my own morals. I live by my choice and not fate, I decided who I am"
We are murderers, you can't deny that. You can try and be a noble warrior, but they are still the same. Killers that play by rules, that's all they are. That is all you are.
 "Your wrong, Dead wrong. Those men kill to defend others who cannot, I choose to feel and live without remorse. I am not the same as I was."
   Blame yourself then when things go wrong. It's you choosing this cycle not I.
His jaws clenched as he washed his face. Arashi laid back on the water. Letting it lift and move him. He stayed that way floating on the surface, He looked almost like a body just floating there. Except for his breathing, Making his body sink and rise with each breath he took and released.
"It will be ok, She won't hurt you".
She's a sorceress...she can end you before you can blink. Do not underestimate her. Trust will get you killed, Trusting will make you weak.
A thick little sigh escaped his lips as he sank deep into the water, His eyes looking up at the dark night sky. Here he was weightless, Only silence greeted him as he turned and swam back to the shore line.
 Arashi emerged from the water, walking out of it at his own pace. The wet feline crouched near the fire letting the heat dry him. Tendrils of steam licked his fur, swirling about his form before disappearing into nothingness.  His thick wet fur revealed hard muscles that was hidden from her before. He stayed there for a long moment until his fur was mostly dry. His mind clear from the cool wet swim.
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She watches him walk towards the pond fully ready to follow him for a quick peak, but first she had something to deal with. "And how long have you, been watching?" There was the faintest of flicker in the flames of the fire before the voice rose up from the crackling. "You assume I have not been watching until now? I do believe you know better, Cyrin." The dragoness merely sighs and glances towards the fire. Nothing, but the flickering flames was there. "Not gonna show yourself?" She muttered trying to keep her voice low. Couldn't alert the panther. "You forget yourself, Cyrin. Remeber whom you address" There was a hint of annoyance in that reply. "Of course, Lady Onyx. Please forgive my rudeness." It was hard for a dragon, even a lesser one, to bow to anyone even if the some one was a Phoenix. "I sent you for a reason. Do you need reminded?" The voice seemed somehow..closer. "No, M'lady. I am still searching for the one you sent me to find. We merely got.....distracted." Cyrin looks back toward the pond wondering just what she is missing out on seeing right now. "Distracted. The Panther you now travel with? What purpose does he serve?" Cyrin looks back to the flame. "I believe his goals and mine coincide. We will both find what we seek. Oracle lead me to him." That long tail swishes lightly and fans the flames a little. "And seducing him will do what for this task?" Cyrin had not thought of that. She really had allowed herself to be distracted. "I need him for..." She stopped. "for what?" Cyrin did not reply. Just remained silent for a few moments looking down at her own feet. What was she doing? She really was distracted. Even so to the point she finally realized that Oracle was...nowhere to be found right now.
"You allow yourself to loose focus? I have taught you nothing?" That came a little louder and with a lot more irritation. Cyrin remains silent. How? How had she become this distracted? She had been on the road for so long and without company. Had she allowed her urges to better her? "Cyrin!" The dragon snaps out of her mild haze. "I am sorry, M'lady. I have been travleing for so long and I was tired and..lonely" She returns her gaze in the direction of the pond. Even now she thought of him. She wanted so badly to go see. Not just because of her having been alone so long, but because she just might ... "Focus, Cyrin." The voice called her back to reality again. "I am, M'lady. I am replenshing my powers. I have been too long without rest. Traveling with him provides some comfort and security for me whilst I do so." And she wanted him to scratch an itcj she had. The longwer she thought about it the more eager she was to climb into the hammock above her head. It wasn't about just scratching an itch either. Not anymore. The two of them were akin. Alone for so long and in need of the other. "You forget your task, Cyrin. You must focus, Do what you feel you need too and regain that." Cyrin was again silent and in thought. "Do not allow yourself to be distracted......too long" The flames of the fire flickered. "I will not, M'lady. I am sorry" She could almost hear a chuckle from the flames. "Do not be sorry, Cyrin. Be cautious." With that the flames die a little. The fire having been fed from outside forces rather than the wood upon which it burned. She quickly throws a few twigs and branches on it. He would be back soon. she probably missed her chance to spy on him anyway.
The fire recovered nicely and crackled away. She basked in the warmth having steeled back down again. Her mind a little clearer now. She had allowed herself to be distracted. Now she was far more focused. When he returned she felt relieved and refreshed again. And oh what a site she got to see! She smiles at him and watches very intently as the panther dries himself by the refreshed fire. "oh my.." She mutters looking him over. This time she was really focused..on him. She felt very much clear now and she knew he did too. That was good as what she was about to do needed that clarity. She stood up and walked over to him. Her long tail swaying behind her. Smile acroos her face and her eyes burning holes into his. She'd squar down in front of him. Legs wide open. Her eyes drilling into his. Her face so close she was almost touching his.  "Arashi." Clears her throat a bit. "there is something both of us have been thinking....something we have both been needing. Time to take care of that before it gets us both killed." She dared get closer. "Take me up into that hammock and then take me tonight. You want to play the servant? Then serve your mistress." He had to hear that playful tone. "neither of us will be properly focused otherwise"
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There was something in her look, That very intense look. Or perhaps it was her stride that got his attention. So purposely paced, like a dragon intent upon it's prey.  His head tilted to the side as he listened to her voice. Cyrin was close, Very  close. Close enough he could smell her despite their serroundings.  He dared not draw away from her, Afraid of loosing the moment.
 His hesitation must have made her get closer, Despite the heat from the fire. He could feel her warm breath as she whispered into his ear. This time he didn't hesitate, She was right. If they didn't do anything about this, This distraction would get them both killed.  His strong calloused hands reached out to her, brushing pass her robes and caressing her scaled belly underneath. 
 Since when did his breathing get so loud? He could hear his own breathing like deep pants from a drowning man. That playful tone made him smile.  The panther turned his back taking a step back. Her legs where allready spread, making it easy to scoop her onto his back.  Without hesitation he made the climb with her up the tree.
 Arashi climbed the tree without hesitation, His motion smooth as if he was born to do it. hard muscles connected with sharp dangerous foot and finger claws. Yet he was careful to keep his claw mark's to a minimium. It wasn't long until they where both up there. Crouching on that thick branch he took a minute to admire and view his serroundings.
 It was only here they could both see the sea of green. Like an Ocean that moved and rippled to the winds. Only the stars and the pool that reflected them could be seen. Except for the distant glow of city lights. So far and yet so close.