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Title: Elektra HellFire
Post by: SuccubusCainine on December 31, 2017, 05:21:12 AM
My name is Elektra HellFire and I'am a succubus/werewolf/ werefox/witch.                        My wings are red and my horns are very long black horns.                                  My skin is white my hair is red and my eyes are usually golden like that of a wolf but sometimes they are blue I have three breasts and I'am 5 ft 12 with a nice slender body but I can become a gaint I got my name because have  electricity in my body but I can do other things like I'am immortal and only need to feed on lust and I can shape shift my body into the perfect woman and change my age too.                         My sexual orientation is          (bisexual hemafrodite)          I change into a wolf or fox sometimes I'am a neko with  succubus wings.                    I never age and can not be harmed and my smell and voice can seduce and I'am super strong and can control all elements including the soul.                 I have been known to  occasional turn into a gaint wolf or fox.