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0 - Site Rules

     All rules on the main forum of Furry-Within apply to all areas of the site. The following rules are specifically in regards to the chat and user conduct within the chat. Please familiarise yourself with the site rules and these chat guidelines.

Ignorance of the rules does not excuse you from the consequences. You may be subject to disciplinary action relative to the rule you have breached.

1 - Abide by the channel's internal rules

     Each channel of the chat has a purpose which is displayed at the top of the chat window when you enter the channel. For example, The End of Time Club is an RP (RolePlay) room. This means that it is designated primarily for roleplay and users who are interested in Out of Character (OoC) conversations are encouraged to move their conversations to rooms designated for those purposes. This can be done by selecting the channel dropdown in the top-left corner of the chat and clicking on another room.

Disruption of users roleplaying may result in your messages being deleted, or in continued breaches your temporary removal from the chat.

2 - Linking content

     Furry-Within is an adult community, and as such posting of adult material is permissible. However, users are asked to refrain from using the image tag when linking to adult content as other users may not wish to view it.

     All other content, with the exception to links which contain malicious content (malware, phishing, adware, etc), is permitted.

     Links can be posted in RP channels as users often desire reference images in addition to the description they are providing.

Deletion of adult images, removal of user from the chat temporarily.

3 - Respecting user's RP and personal space

     When roleplaying, you may notice or overhear other characters discussing or doing something which perks your interest. Much like when having a conversation in real life, it is often considered rude to barge in and insert yourself into the situation uninvited. If people make it clear that they wish to continue their roleplay by themselves, please do not take offense. They may have a much deeper story going on, or may be attempting to guide their story down a particular path that a new addition could disrupt.

     It never hurts to privately message one of the participants of the roleplay and ask them if you can join. If users do make it clear that they'd like to continue without you, please do not take offense and simply move on. There are plenty more opportunities to roleplay.

     Additionally, if two or more people are engaged in a roleplay which you do not particularly wish to see, provided the roleplay is not in breach of any site rules, they are not obligated to relocate to another room. You have options with which to deal with the situation. You can set the involved users to ignore by selecting their name on the user panel on the right side of the chat and selecting Ignore, you can move to another channel, or you could simply not read the roleplay which is taking place, and instead focus on your own.

4 - Roleplay content

     Within the main channel, almost all roleplay is accepted. With recent changes to the chat's RP standards, outlined here, roleplay containing sexual content is allowed. While most fetishes are permitted, there are several exceptions which people are asked to take to other locations. These are fetishes such as toilet play, excessive gore/violence and rape. This list is not all-inclusive, and may change at the discretion of the staff present within the chat.

     In regards to non-sexual roleplay, content such as excessive fighting may be disruptive to other users and their roleplay, and combatants may be asked to "take it outside".

Additional chat commands
/lfrp is Looking For RolePlay
/ooc is Out of Character
/afk is AFK (AFK is removed when you post a public message, send a private message, or change your username).
/back reverts your username


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