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Furry-Within.com RulesRegistration AgreementChat GuidelinesEnd of Time Club Description
Furry-Within.com RulesRegistration AgreementFurry-Within Chat GuideEnd of Time Club Description

Located on the nexus of a fracture in reality, the End of Time Club was built as a result of a bet between two otherworldly beings. The gambit was that a structure could be erected upon the nexus without bringing about the end of the universe, and to lure lesser beings to it.

Although the bet would appear to have been settled, it is still far from over, and those who wagered are still observing, waiting for the break in the universe to shatter, or to remain silent forever.

The fracture draws in beings from timelines all throughout the universe, across multiverses and different slivers of reality. It beckons people of all sorts to visit, drawing them across the cosmos with an almost arcane power. Those who succumb to its call are marked, allowing them passage to and from the club, regardless of their location and time period.

The Club has many ammenities. Oddly, many of them would appear to have been modelled after 20th and 21st Century Earth's accommodations, as though the beings who crafted the Club knew the comforts of those most likely to visit.

The Club boasts a fully-stocked bar, located in the heart of the expansive room, with a large variety of liquors, beers, cocktails and sodas. Simply wishing for a bottle of the desired beverage to be stocked seems to be enough to have it appear on the shelves.

Private boothes sit beside the bar, offering patrons space away from those at the bar, where they might converse with friends, lovers, enemies and strangers alike.

The gentle 'ping' of pinball machines and the computerised beeps and music of old arcade cabinets permeate the silence. Located just behind the booths, a small arcade area which hosts an assortment of games for those who like the challenge of old games.

Across from the bar, down a short flight of steps and in the presence of the gaping maw of the central hearth, lies the seating area. Several arrangements of plush seats lay strewn across the floor. From sweeping lounges, to armchairs, to bean bags, and even piles of plush pillows. Large televisions adorn the walls, tuned to channels from Earth, but curiously also include broadcasts from other worlds, if one were looking hard enough.

In a secluded corner of the Club, behind a velvet curtain, lies the reading room. A warm, inviting room with its own fireplace and looming bookshelves. Each book is in fact a digital reader and index, able to download the contents of any reading material from across Earth's entire history and future. The reading room holds a collection of fine cigars, and rare and exotics liquors that not even the bar stocks. Trophies from various hunts by those long since forgotten decorate the walls, gazing down at those who enjoy the cosy confines of the Club's reading room.

And finally, on the other side of the Club, a large pool can be found. Crystalline waters burble invitingly, cool to the touch and flowing in from an unknown location. Lush plants cast shade upon the smooth stone tiles around the pool, bearing fruits for the peckish swimmer to feast upon.

The Club hums with an almost sentient energy, reaching across all facets of reality to draw in those who would thrive in the odd locale. For what reason, that remain to be seen.


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