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Title: Site Outage - What Happened
Post by: Azhtek on July 01, 2017, 05:03:37 PM
As I'm sure a few of you are aware, the site was down for about nine hours today. And as you might have noticed, the most recent posts listed on the forums are from a week ago.

Here's what happened: unknown persons gained access to FW's hosted server using an old administrator account and wiped the server clean.

There was no indication as to who was responsible, and no data appears to have been compromised. I have discussed with administrators at the server host that I use and investigated logs myself, none of the databases were compromised or moved off from the server. So user data, passwords, emails and so on are, as far as I and others are aware, secure. With that said, I would urge you to change your password and do the same with any account which shares the password you use on FW.

As for the state of the site, I do weekly backups, and download them to my own PC as a means of disaster recovery. I do these backups on a Sunday. Unfortunately, this attack happened on a Saturday. The most recent backup was from Sunday the 25th. If you have made any forum posts between then and now, then I am sorry, but they are gone. You will have to make them again. The 25th is the best that could be done in terms of data recovery.

The accounts that were used have been disabled, and I have talked with security consultants at the hosting provider I use about ways to prevent this sort of things occurring in the future. Extra vectors of intrusion have also been examined and patched.

This is all of the information I have on hand regarding this incident for the time being. If anything else arises, I will post here and do my best to make it visible to everyone.
Title: Re: Site Outage - What Happened
Post by: Azhtek on July 01, 2017, 05:08:36 PM
This also means that any accounts made after the 25th will need to be created. Apologies to those this has inconvenienced. If you have any trouble in creating your account, please email me at admin@furry-within.com, or send me a message on Discord to Azhtek#3169