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10 Apr 2013 - *Ahem* Snow Pard

The name, and the bubble butt are infamous....

And now they are back home. ^_^

I missed you bastards.

01 Apr 2013 - Call of Night

Lycanthropy comes from the Greek lykos meaning wolf and anthropos meaning of human. That is to say a human possessing wolf-like characteristics not to be confused with shape shifting in tribal lore and shamanism. Lycanthrophy is not the curse or power to take animal form this ability is known as zoanthropy. Nor is it transmigration of the soul or some form of reincarnation. The term "werewolf" and its many translations appear throughout

04 Feb 2013 - Donations

Hi all.

As some of you know, I've found myself in a bit of a financial hotspot. I won't go into details here, but suffice to say I've had to make things in my life a priority. Making sure I have electricity and a roof over my head is one of them. Unfortunately, the site is further down that list in an area out of affordability.

At the moment, hosting costs of the site are at about $60 US a month.


21 Jan 2013 - Yo, again.

Long time no see, FW. Fear not! I am actually of legal age now, yaaay.

Dunno if older members are still around, but I do look forward to making new bros and so on and so forth.

Since I've left, I've picked up on art a bit, will be graduating HS soon, hopeful freshman to OSU Fall 2013. I have a new main FA here and he
I have my act together and I'm a little more... normal. :D! Don't expect to see me much though, but I will be here and there.

15 Dec 2012 - Hello!

Hello!  I was pointed in this direction after being banned for "I have no fucking clue what" from yiffy.tk

So here I am!  I am a black and glowing green maned wolf named Ashes and I love to have fun!  I'm not very good at meeting new people or interjecting into conversations so please feel free to message me or just randomly start talking to me.  If my name's in the chat list then I promise that

14 Dec 2012 - Girly lion says what?

Ummm, hello!

I'm Zek. *waves* I'm brand new here; I've been looking to find a new hangout and meet some new furs, and someone recommended this forum to me. Looks like a nice place! ^^

11 Dec 2012 - Yo

New member is new member. Fuko's arrived. Here have a cookie. *Hands it over*

06 Dec 2012 - Did it

Well, I finally came out that I'm gay. Yep. I've been fighting against it for years, but now more than ever I feel that I get way more excited towards men than I do around women. I fantasize about good looking guys I see all the time, while I don't really do the same for the women. I just gotta accept it that I'm always going to be this way. I know it sounds like I'm a homophobe or something, but there's more than th

29 Nov 2012 - Arashi's travel

Hey guys. so i started my new job. however my laptop is all jacked up right now. rendering it unusable. luckily my phone has internet. However that also means i can't get into chat. but i can prowse the forums and use this thread as kind of a message board.
 right now i am in orlando florida. the job i'm doing is definetly making me more muscle. right now we are setting up bleachers for the pga tour and tournements. we also do red

05 Nov 2012 - Stepping Out

Gonna be gone for a little while. Catch ya'll on the flip side.
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