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29 Oct 2012 - Just saying Hi

So yeah...Hi.
Most call me Fleet, I draw, make pottery and ride horses when I can. I do like to roleplay when I am in the mood and am a pretty easy going guy. I will be hanging out in the chat most of the time.
Not leaving just need to take a step or two back for a bit. I have quit my day to day job and we are turning our full attention to the ranch as that is making more money now than both our careers combined. This means I am gonna be busy as all hell so I may not be around as much. We shall see. I imagine I will float in a bit here and there so I am not gone entirely ^_^

11 Oct 2012 - Later

I need a break.  So I'm going to be gone for awhile.  Hopefully for a couple of months or so but maybe never.  We'll see.  I'll probably be back, but in the end I'm not going to promise anything.

I'll still be on IMs.  My Y!M is Rud_risky and my Skype is DerrekM. (including the period).

09 Oct 2012 - 3 years later o.o

So, I turned 18 recently, used to be on yiffy.net but a friend recommended me here so... here I am!

Yeah, I was under the radar for a long time but went inactive to study and focus on other stuff, didn't really have time to spend hours on the computer on forums - that and I was illegal, so I didn't feel very welcome.

So yeah... Hi.

08 Sep 2012 - Hello there!

Hello good people of F-W! I'm here to well, participate in your role plays and such! Is that illegal? I hope not.

Aaaand that's all.

03 Sep 2012 - Hello!

Hi there! New to the site (obviously), just thought I'd say hello and stuff. Not.. sure what else to say here, I'm always kind of awkward with greeting posts. Uh.. well.. see you around I guess!


27 Aug 2012 - Corrupt a Wish!!

Been wondering around for days! and I happen to stumble upon this game. It looked like a whole lot of fun. The basic idea is this. the fur above you makes a wish.
  "I wish i could live forever"
The next person to post corrupts it and turns it into something else, and you make your next wish.
   Granted, however you live forever as a ZOMBIE"!!
      "I wish i was super popular with

19 Aug 2012 - ...And I'm leaving again

I'm going out on the second (and last) canoe trip this summer.  I'll be back on the evening of the 26th.  Have a good week.

10 Aug 2012 - Large Commission

I've been asking around FA for a commission of us as we hang out in the chat.  So far I've just been estimating around 20 characters.

What I need from you guys are reference sheets (if you have one) or character descriptions.  So far we're looking at $200+ but I still haven't decided on an artist (suggestions are welcome) and I will be accepting donations.  Donations are not required in order for you
You know that canoe trip I've been talking about?  Yeah, I'm already on my way north.  I'll be back Monday night.

01 Aug 2012 - FA:U5

Well, since there isn't a con section here I guess I wanted to ask if anyone would be going!

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