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31 Jul 2012 - Vacation

Leaving Wednesday, not certain what time, I think in the early evening. Won't be back until Sunday. Might be on in the evenings depending on where we are staying and how much we do. I'll have my cell phone if anyone wants to talk to me.

23 Jul 2012 - Celzic is returning...!

That is all.
Hey all my favorite furs!

I'm away at zombie camp / larping summer camp from last Sunday until august 12th. I really miss you all. Especially you ;). I promise to reply to posts when I can and as much as I can. I will have days off to do so, but im typically very busy those days.

I cannot take a lot of pics per my contract, but there have been pics taken of me for the guarddup website etc.

I miss you guys and
*The black furred wolf stepped quietly out of the seemingly swirling shadows that played tricks on the eyes. Crisp blue eyes opening to look around before broad muzzle parted into a fanged grin.*

"Time tells no tales and shares no secrets, but the darkness hides and obscures all until it's needed again. To those of you who know and remember Me I bid you fond greetings, to those of you who don't know me, or soon will I b
Last night in the chat I was rping with another member using whispers. Unfortunately several posts made it into the main (public) chat several times. These posts were adult in nature and not allowed in the main (public) channel. They were not intentional in any way, shape, or form and I meant no offense. Still I should have known better and taken the rp to private channels. I apologize and take responsibility for the slip up. From now on I will t
or going on a slight break. I haven't decided yet.

I think I'm going to leave on account of work. I've recently started working my first job -- YAY ME -- and I work a lot and by the time I get home I'm dog tired and don't really want to do anything. I have two days off back to back, but I really don't want to spend them on a furry chat. I need to be out getting my life together; getting things on track for
Leaving on Friday for a family vacation out to the middle of BFE until July 11th.  No Internet connection, so I'll be incommunicado until I return.  The whole...two or three people here who have my cell number will be able to text, but don't expect quick replies, as the signal out there is practically nonexistent unless I'm in town.

So yeah.

27 Jun 2012 - Guess what?

I few days ago I wanted to leave this place. Certain things happened that made me just want to forget ever coming here. Thing is? That is just being a coward. Running away from a problem doesn't resolve it. I am not running. Not again. Not anymore. I like this place. I am staying.
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