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02 Mar 2017 - Extended leave

I have lab work, more then I have had in ages. So, I shall need to ban myself from Rp and casual online chats cuz they distract me way too much X3
Cya all in April some time!
Alright! So for awhile I wanted to host this, just never really had the nerve- or time. But now I got both! So Quiplash, yeah. It's a pretty fun and basic party game. The game will ask two players two random questions, the answers will go head to head against each other. The rest of the players will vote on which answer is funnier, the person with the most votes win. See? Not complicated at all. To join the game, all you need is something wi

05 Feb 2017 - Hi, all.

I'm Fiona! Nice t'meet you all. I'm a dragon. :3

I've been in and out of chat sites for a while. I'm hoping this one sticks.

I look forward to meeting you all!
Gonna work out the details a little more, but I think We should get something going for a date night, just to give us something to look forwards to on that day.

Idea is to get everyone changed into a new character that's at least passably fleshed out and act as someone else that night. For those in attendance, we'll randomize the pool and then pair you off with someone else.

Genders might be an issue, but those tha

13 Jan 2017 - Gems of War

Does anyone here play Gems of War?  It's a mobile/steam game, similar to Puzzle Quest.  Match 3 style game where you either collect mana to cast spells, or directly attack your opponient.  PLay the game to unlock troops to customize your teams, and then level up the troops for even stronger attacks.

Micah and I play.  It's a fun little time waster when we're waiting to do something or just killing tim

13 Jan 2017 - SWITCH

There's a link to the presentation for the Nintendo Switch.

<.< I;m an unapologetic fangirl.  Untill recently I have had ALL nintendo systems, the walls of my bedroom are covered in Nintendo posters, 1/2 of our console games are wii/WiiU.

Anyone else excited over this?

12 Jan 2017 - Micah Plays (Poorly)

One of the suggestions that was made before Kor decided to make everyone panic that the site was shutting down was that we do more game streaming/Lets Plays to generate activity. While I'm not so sure about streaming, I'm more than happy to do Lets Plays for the entertainment of all.

So, I'm going to throw this poll up to see what sort of interest there is. I do have an extensive library on Steam, a pretty decent one on

I'm A MESS. o 3o <3

11 Jan 2017 - update by Yuko

Just getting this out of the way but i may be making fanfic's and if you want to be in one just comment what kind and role and essentially everything that is needed to be known, please keep in mind im not exactly the worlds best writer either
Dwarf Fortress is a management sim where you take control of a group of dwarves and attempt to create of settlement out in the wilderness. The graphics are simple but the game is incredibly complex and once you get a handle on the way the game works, very rewarding to play.

In a succession game, a group of people take turns heading up the fortress, handing off the reins at the end of each in-game year.

To do this, the game f
So! The site almost died! Thankfully, some terms have been agreed upon that will allow this place to stay up, though for the foreseeable future it'll be with me at the helm instead. Starting in February, Azh is going to switch off with me and stay on in a technical advisory role. So making sure I don't make too big a mess of this place. That said, I'm not going to run the site back into the ground. We're going to need to stay
hello my name is Dagen Mandac but thanks to my excessively odd name i like to go by Yuko (the name of my fursona) im up for most of any rp, also i will rp with females if asked but i do prefer males. It is nice meeting you all! :3
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